Character Profile: Evangeline Connelly (The Blake Boys Series)

            “Is she still going by Evangeline or has she come to her senses and let everyone call her Bonnie again?”

            “She said once she left you, a wave of maturity overcame her, and she wanted to use her first name again.  But I think Bonnie sounds too much like Bo for her tastes.”  He laughed.

           – Bo Sr. and Bo – Executive Desires

Name:                            Evangeline Connelly


Occupation:                Retired                                                

Marital Status:            Divorced

Where I Live:              Albuquerque, NM


Bodine Jamison Sr. is the most maddening man I’d ever been married to, and I’ve been married a few times.  He liked to dig in his heels and stay put while craved excitement and adventure. He loved ranch life but I thought I could change him.  I should have known he’d never move off the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch.  He and John Jacob have an incredible bond and are brothers in every sense of the word.  Continue reading