The Rhonda Laurel Collection Swag Giveaway

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RL draft 3

The print anthology, The Rhonda Laurel Collection is available!  The anthology features Ebb Tide, For the Love of the Game and Shutter.  To mark the occasion I am giving away an autographed copy of the anthology and cool swag!

The Collection Giveaway

Autographed copy of anthology, t-shirt, mouse pad, large tote bag, coaster and bookmark!

Just click on the Rafflecopter icon below to enter.  Contest runs from June 19th to July 19th.  The winner will be announced on July 20th.

Retailer links for the anthology will be added soon.   Thank you to everyone who has supported my writing endeavors since it began last summer!

Happy Summer Reading!


Review for Ebb Tide!

Simmering passion at play

Hi Everyone!

Ebb Tide was released in July but I am always happy to see reader reviews/feedback.  (Preferably good.  Lol.)  A new reader of my work, who found me via the TRS website, took the time to post a review and I appreciate that.  I don’t think people are cognizant of how much a review can steer people in an author’s direction.  The Amazon review received 4 out of 5 stars and the reader did comment the novella was too short.  Which is interesting because I once got a lower review ranking because the reviewer thought it was too short!  It just goes to show that each reader is looking for something different in a literary experience.  And reader interviews are just as important and professional ones.  I want to thank the reviewer for taking the time to write it.  This does give me a sense of what people who are investing in my writing are looking for.  I caught Griffin and Evan in the middle of their relationship, so I kind of hopped in, got some recon and wrote the novella.  Lol.  It won’t be the last you hear from those two…promise.  🙂

Amazon Review

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