Pub News: Author Chronicles Issue 3

World Building & Other Shenanigans

Hello Readers!

I hope the first quarter of 2022 has been a good one! It certainly is a change for the better from the last two years. The new year came upon me with health ailments and a reminder that I am not getting any younger. Lol. It has slowed me down but has not stopped me from working on the new series.

I have been busy creating the landscape for The Blake Boys: The Next Generation. The twist to this new series design is that I know most of the characters. I expanded the original Blake Boys big picture as it grew but this time, I have a lot more to work with to flush out my Blake babies into adult characters.

Jake and Gabby’s romance is shaping up well but there are other characters, like Mackenzie, popping up while I work on her big brother’s story! It will be a while before it’s Mackenzie’s turn to find love, but I must say her story interrupts my thoughts when mapping out her brothers’ and cousins’ romantic adventures.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the next phase in the Blake family saga. Don’t forget about the All or Nothing series. The characters in that series intersect with the characters in the first series. So, if you read about someone’s romance mentioned in The Blake Boys series, they probably have a book of their own in the All or Nothing chronicles.

Happy Spring & Reading!


Throwback Christmas Romance Begin Again (The Blake Boys #18)


Finding true love is the ultimate gift.

Christmas is coming, and Anna Beth is looking forward to a tropical vacation with her friends—anything to help her forget about Corbett. Their relationship had been racing in the right direction…until it went completely off the tracks. All evidence points to the fact that the hunky Corbett is still hung up on his ex. But when she accidently shreds her passport the night before her trip, it suddenly looks as though she’ll be staying put. Now it would take a holiday miracle get her in a good mood again. Too bad she misses Corbett something terrible… Continue reading