Slap Shot (Book 14 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt II


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Party at Luke’s

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          The minute they stepped into the party, tension crept up the back of Charisma’s neck. Luke’s penthouse was crawling with celebrities. She saw a few familiar faces, including a few of those dreadful Queen Titans, the cliquish women who’d strung her along and made her think they’d let her join their group. If it weren’t for Morgan sticking up for her at the taping of that game show, she would have been totally humiliated. She couldn’t move, too scared to come face-to-face with them. She should never have come here. Tonight was going to be a disaster. Continue reading

Reader Question: Who will be Derek’s love interest in the upcoming Slap Shot?

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Who will be Derek’s love interest in his upcoming story Slap Shot?


Hockey player Derek has been looming in the background for a long time in the Blake Boys series and now it’s his turn to find love!  Slap Shot will be book 14 in the series and we’re finally going to get acquainted with him. Continue reading