New Release: Executive Desires (The Blake Boys #10)



Bo Jamison isn’t looking forward to going home. While he does look forward to seeing his mom, he’s less than eager to see his less-than-friendly younger half brothers. And as CFO of Blake Enterprises, he’s got his hands full with a new business deal that demands his full attention. Bottom line: he doesn’t need the drama. But when the beautiful Waverly twins move into the condo across the hall, he finds the drama has just begun. Autumn Waverly is sexy and sophisticated, and definitely interested. Summer, not so much. Quieter and more down-to-earth, Summer seems as if she’d rather Bo just go away. Or is it the other way around? Between trying to figure out which twin is which, and finding reasons to spend time with both of them, Bo finds himself in the enviable position of having two beautiful women on his arm.

But when one of them knocks on his door late at night and invites herself into his bed, Bo’s not sure what came over him. Or who. The passion between them is electric, but the sisters aren’t talking. In fact, it almost seems as if they’re toying with him. The who’s-who game is fun at first—until Bo finds himself falling for his mysterious midnight visitor. If only he could figure out who she was—and why she wouldn’t tell him… Continue reading

Executive Desires (Book 10 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt II

Executive Desires Excerpt II 

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Release Date: July 17th!


Bo escorts Summer and Autumn to a company event.

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Bo knocked on the door and when it opened, a vision in blue appeared before him.  This twin wore a stunning strapless dress that hugged her luscious curves. Her hair was styled in pretty, layered curls that fell on her shoulders. There had to be a way distinguish the sisters aside from a lucky guess. Here goes nothing.

“Autumn, you look amazing.”

“Wrong sister.” She rolled her eyes. Continue reading

Executive Desires (Book 10 in The Blake Boys Series) Excerpt I


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Release Date: July 31st July 17th!


Bo drops by the ranch to discuss his woman troubles.

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“Hey dad.” Bo stepped over Rowdy, who was taking a nap.

“Well, if it isn’t my son the stud.” Bo chuckled as he dissected a fish with a boning knife.

“I see you did some actual fishing in between poker hands.”

“A real man can do both. So how was Albuquerque?”

“Still in New Mexico. Mom sent you a present.” Bo pulled the decorative vase out of the gift bag and placed it on the counter. His father’s eyes lit up at first but then he went back to cleaning their dinner.

“That’s nice. How is she?”

“She’s still a fireball with her projects and fundraisers. She took me to a pottery class, that’s where she made the vase. She asked about you.”

“Did she want to know if I was dead?” Bo Sr. grinned.

“She wanted to know if you were seeing anybody.” Bo raised an eyebrow. Continue reading