Throwback Couple Spotlight: Tate & Isabelle

Tate and Isabelle. From their first meeting in Seth and Morgan’s kitchen to their adventures in Las Vegas, it was clear that this musical couple were meant to be.

Tate’s character took on a life of its own after we met him in Seth and Morgan’s stories. It became clear there was a bigger story to tell of the country singer who lived on the Blake family homestead. As Tate’s troubled past unfolded, I saw an opportunity to flesh out his life and it became apparent the velvety voice rogue just needed the right person to set him on the path to true love. And who else could do it but a violinist in the process of mending her own broken heart and finding her way? And a Reed woman to boot? Isabelle may be the more reserved of her cousins, but she still has a spark that sets the women in the Reed family apart.

New readers, check out their books in the series, Texas Heat and their sequel Cowboy’s Heart.

And listen to Tate and Isabelle’s playlist

Check out Tate’s Character Profile

Check out Isabelle’s Character Profile

What is your favorite Tate and Isabelle book/scene?

What did you like about this dynamic couple?

Do you think Tate will ever resolve things with his biological father?

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Throwback Couple Spotlight: Seth & Morgan

Seth and Morgan. The couple that launched the Blake Boys series. They’ve had quite a journey from meeting on that island to realizing their dreams and settling down on the Twelve Horseshoes ranch in Texas. As always with my books, we’ll be catching up with the couple in Colton’s book, Homecoming.

Readers often ask when I decided to make this an epic series. I would have to say around book three because it was obvious I’d stumbled into a movie in my head that just kept going. And one of the ways I keep the characters growing is integrating life events across the series platform and Jake’s Chronicles and Kenzie’s Capers. Sneaky, huh? Lol.

New readers, check out their books in the series, For the Love of the Game, MVP, The Blake Legacy, Love Notes & Football, The Final Play and Off Season.

And listen to Seth and Morgan’s playlist

Check out Seth’s Character Profile

Check out Morgan’s Character Profile

What is your favorite Seth and Morgan book/scene?

What did you like about this dynamic couple?

Who’s your favorite of Seth and Morgan’s kids?

What do you think Seth and the family are up to now?

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Dear Readers,

I hope everyone is well! It has been a trying time in the world with the pandemic the past several months and I hope everyone is healthy and happy.

Thank you to everyone who contacted me. I have never felt more love and appreciation for my work and I apologize for being away so long. My stories would be nothing without its loyal readers.

New readers, welcome to the family. Long time Blake aficionados, I appreciate your dedication to all of my work. The Blakes began their stories so long ago and I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. The characters are only as amazing as the people who invest their time in reading the stories. It feels good to focus on writing again.

The Facebook Group is still active if you would like to join:

Right now FB is the only social media I am active on (Rhonda Laurel, Author page). Twitter can be a bit toxic and I am searching out other platforms, including possibly starting a podcast.

I am in the process of wrapping up some storylines as well as mapping out new stories for the Blake World characters, the next generation. I will be posting throwback character profiles and other posts. Let me know if there’s something you’d like to see again.

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The Blake Family Holiday Playlist Vol. 2


The Blake family’s holiday plans always include fun, good food and music!


Leave a comment with a holiday favorite of yours and I will add it to the playlist!

 *All reader inspired playlists are available on Spotify.*


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