Throwback Series Spotlight: Hollywood Heat

Six Degrees of Character Relations

The Hollywood Heat Series showcased Hollywood in all its infamy with main characters Kate and Chris in the forefront.

Star Crossed 1 – Kate and Chris meet in the most unusual way, sparking rumors of a secret romance that sets the Hollywood rumor mill ablaze.

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Character Profile: Chris Cavanaugh (Hollywood Heat Series)

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Kate recognized Chris. She’d seen his headshot around the house enough the past two months. His photograph didn’t do him justice. He was taller than she thought. He seemed shorter and thinner in films, but standing before him there was no mistaking he was six feet two. His chest was much broader too. Thick eyebrows coupled with dark, mysterious, blue eyes pulled her in and held her captive. –  Star Crossed

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Name:                                  Chris Cavanaugh

Occupation:                        Movie Star    

Marital Status:                    Married

Where I Live:                      Malibu, CA

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What can I say?  I have to be the luckiest man on the planet. I just married the woman of my dreams and my acting career is sky rocketing.  Some people say it’s because Kate is using her power at Pinnacle Studios now that she’s one of the principle owners to make me a star.  Kate would never do that.  She has faith in my acting abilities and more importantly, she has faith in me. Continue reading

Hollywood Rush (Hollywood Heat Series) Excerpt

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In Star Crossed, we first meet Kate and Chris in the men’s room at the posh restaurant Coriander.  She walks in on Chris in the men’s room and from that fated meeting, a salacious Hollywood scandal erupts!

Kate and Chris’s story continues in Hollywood Rush! Kate now has more power in Hollywood than she ever imagined and Chris’s dreams of becoming an A-List action movie star are within reach!  Jack and a few others are still around, guaranteeing Kate and Chris’s happy ending won’t be all smoothing sailing, but they love a challenge and more importantly, they love each other. Continue reading