The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 2/16/13 – Issue 16

In this Issue…

Shutter Release

MVP Complete!

Memories of You

Contest Winners!

 And of Course…

Shutter Release

Shutter will be released on Friday, 2/22!  Yay!  I am so excited about this novella.  This will be my 3rd novella and 3 is my favorite number!  As I’ve said before, Antonio is a photographer and Lucy is an artist, so I am going to see if I can bring out the best of both those characters with some awesome giveaways.  If you’ve seen my giveaways in the past you know I like to create!  And that hasn’t changed.  One of my favorite giveaways will be an autographed copy of my photobook DreamscapesDreamscapes is a pictorial I created from my many travels around the United States.  I also have a collection of themed bookmarks titled Bookmarks Across America!  Even in the technology age, I still think bookmarks are necessary! And I will have trading cards again! Don’t miss your chance to enter and win some cool stuff that is an expression of Antonio’s vision of the world around him.

Seattle is the setting.  I LOVE the west coast and have felt for years that I was destined to visit Seattle somehow, as if something important was waiting for me there.  In my mind’s eye I journeyed there and found Antonio and Lucy! My goal for the characters of Antonio and Lucy was to evoke an awakening of sorts.  Each time I send my characters on their personal journeys down the rabbit hole, my wish is for them to emerge better somehow as human beings.  I found them be enjoyable, even funny at times and even choked up a few times.  Love is nothing but a spin on the Ferris Wheel of emotions.  And Antonio and Lucy helped me experience that.

MVP is Complete!

My sequel to For the Love of the Game, MVP, is complete!  Once I found my groove and delved back into Morgan and Seth’s lives, I have to admit it was a lot of fun.  My goal was to continue their journey in the most realistic and nurturing way possible for the couple.  I must admit I miss them after I finished writing!  Seth’s character kind of snuck up on me and I had to resist having a crush on him.  Lol.  I think he and Morgan are complementary characters and I appreciate all who contacted me and my publisher, inquiring about a next phase for these two.  Their landscape gets bigger and we see how they blend two very different worlds together.  Old supporting characters return, a few new ones come in and pop out immediately with their own stories.

Memories of You

Memories of You is in the editing stage right now and I hope to bring you more information soon!  Cameron and Mark are a great couple.

 Contest Winners!

Congrats to Susan Taylor and Cassandra H. for winning my Valentine’s Day Swag Giveaway!  Thank you to everyone who entered.  I am happy to say I am getting a steady number of entrants for my contests.

Congrats to Beckey for winning a copy of Ebb Tide in the Love is in Air Blog Hop!  Ebb Tide is my debut novella and I have Natalie & Evan to thank for bringing attention to my writing.

The Swept Away Valentine’s Day Blog Hop ends tomorrow!

And of Course…

The Artist’s Studio has scheduled author visitors through June!  Every Friday an author gives insight on their latest projects and share a bit of themselves.  It’s nice to see who’s behind the curtain sometimes.  Have a question you always wanted to ask an author?  Send it to me!  I don’t mind mixing up the interview questions.  The format I use is concise and authors don’t get a headache when they complete it. (I hope!)  Lol.

Think you might want to chat with me on release day?  Take the poll on my site!  I am trying to see what venue and time would be good for those who want to connect on Friday, 2/22.

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Shutter Revised Release Date Feb 22nd!

My novella Shutter will be released March 8th February 22nd! 

Antonio has passion for two things: photography and women.  My adorable Lothario meets his match in Lucy, an artist and set designer at the community theater, when he decides to visit his friend Felix in a sleepy Seattle artist community.

If you enjoyed the chemistry and banter between my couples Evan & Natalie and Seth & Morgan, then Antonio & Lucy won’t disappoint!  Hope to see you March 8th February 22nd! 

Book cover coming soon!

Giveaways will include a copy of my photo book Dreamscapes!

Dreamscapes is a compilation of my travels around the U.S!

So don’t forget to enter to win!

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The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 10/11/12 – Issue 10

In this Issue…

For the Love of the Game info!

The Passionate Cooks Cookbook!

The Etopia Press Halloween Anthology!

And of Course…

For the Love of the Game! Release 11/9/12

 For the Love of the Game will be released 11/9/12.  Stay tuned for giveaway details to come!  For you romance trading card enthusiasts, FTLOTG will have one!  Check in on 11/9 to see how to win one!

The Passionate Cooks Cookbook

Congrats to Jean P and Dahlia D, the winners of the Passionate Cooks Cookbook swag bag!

Check out my interview on 10/4 with fellow Passionate Cooks author Anita Philmar!

I hosted a Fall Harvest Soup Party at my home last weekend using a few of the recipes!

Download your free copy today!

The Etopia Press Halloween Anthology

Halloween Heat, the erotic Etopia Press Halloween Anthology is available now!  For those of you who enjoy erotic literature, check it out!

Halloween Heat I  Halloween Heat II  Halloween Heat III   Halloween Heat IV  Halloween Heat V  Halloween Heat VI

   Ebb Tide!

My debut novella is still plugging away and hoping to reach new readers!  If you haven’t read this romantic short read yet, check it out.

Amazon      B & N     AReBooks – AllRomance Ebooks 

For the Love of the Game will be available soon, so there’s still time to catch up!

And of Course…

I found a great website! Kindle Graph is a site that enables authors to sign ebooks for their readers!  Anyone who would like an e-autograph, I am registered with this site.

kindle graph

Check out my latest installment of Scenic Places – Atlantic City, NJ

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In case you missed my last journal entry, here’s the link:

The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 9/3/12 – Issue 6

9/3 – September looks like it’s going to continue my upswing of literary news!  My recipe for the Passionate Cooks Cookbook ARE (All Romance) was accepted!  I will keep the recipe under wraps but I will say it is a dessert.  Cooking is number three on my list of passions, writing and photography are always 1 and 2 and take turns alternating.  Lol.

So this October will be eventful in more ways than one.  For the Love of the Game, Masquerade and my recipe will all be released in October.

Still working on my new WIP (Star Crossed) is up to 14k!  I like to stop and read and re-write and re-read before I get into the meat of the book.

Visited Inner Harbor again this weekend and took some great shots, got inspiration for a locale for a new story and bought some lovely costume jewelry that store I love.

For those of you interested, my page The Artist’s Studio will go live this month!  I have lined up my questions and hope to introduce you to other authors, like me, that are looking to get acquainted with a new audience.

Until next time.