Pub News: Author Chronicles Issue 3

World Building & Other Shenanigans

Hello Readers!

I hope the first quarter of 2022 has been a good one! It certainly is a change for the better from the last two years. The new year came upon me with health ailments and a reminder that I am not getting any younger. Lol. It has slowed me down but has not stopped me from working on the new series.

I have been busy creating the landscape for The Blake Boys: The Next Generation. The twist to this new series design is that I know most of the characters. I expanded the original Blake Boys big picture as it grew but this time, I have a lot more to work with to flush out my Blake babies into adult characters.

Jake and Gabby’s romance is shaping up well but there are other characters, like Mackenzie, popping up while I work on her big brother’s story! It will be a while before it’s Mackenzie’s turn to find love, but I must say her story interrupts my thoughts when mapping out her brothers’ and cousins’ romantic adventures.

I hope everyone is as excited as I am for the next phase in the Blake family saga. Don’t forget about the All or Nothing series. The characters in that series intersect with the characters in the first series. So, if you read about someone’s romance mentioned in The Blake Boys series, they probably have a book of their own in the All or Nothing chronicles.

Happy Spring & Reading!


Pub News: Updated Release Dates

The release date for Leap of Faith (The Blake Boys Book 17), Channing and Cassidy’s continued story, has been moved from September 20th to Friday, September 23rd.  

Channing and Cassidy are in for another adventure as they continue to navigate life and love.  The couple rekindled their law school flirtation in Tempting Fate and their relationship has been blossoming in the series ever since.  

My print anthology readers, The Blake Boys Collection IV has been re-scheduled for an October release.  I was very hopeful that I could get it released in July/August but due to summer vacations, etc. by everyone involved in the process, we’re trying to catch up this month!  I will post another update when the book is available for purchase via retailers.


Hollywood Heat series readers, the next installment for Chris, Kate and Co. is coming soon!  Vendetta Inc. is up next and I will post more details in the coming weeks.  I promise the time gap will between books will be much better this time around.  

In the meantime, excerpts and new character profiles coming soon!

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Pub News: Release Dates for Hollywood Rush and Slow Burn

News! Announcements!

Hollywood Rush will be released November 21stKate and Chris’s Hollywood journey continues with new problems and adventures.  Who could forget how these two met?  Lol.

Slow Burn (Book 7 in The Blake Boys series) will be released December 26th!  It’s been fun spending time with my two loose cannons, Tyler and Michelle.    Tyler and Michelle’s playlist has become very popular.  Excerpt for Slow Burn coming soon!

There will be more to come for The Blake Boys series in 2015!   I will be posting more information on the next phase of the series in the coming weeks.

Happy Reading