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The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 12/24/18 – Issue 42

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The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 6/23/18 – Issue 41

In This Issue…

 All or Nothing Series

The Blake Boys Series

And of Course!



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 All or Nothing Series

I hope everyone is enjoying Marco and Trina’s story A Taste of Romance. Thanks for the feedback from new and long time readers who loved this couple’s romance. Marco and Trina have both been supporting characters for a long time that finally came together in the scenic landscape of Napa.  Read the rest of this entry

Hot Pursuit Cover Reveal

The All or Nothing saga continues with

Riley & Parker’s latest adventure Hot Pursuit

Book 7 in the All or Nothing Series

Release Date:  Thursday, March 29th! 


Reminder: Upload times with retailers vary!

Stop by release weekend and check out the 

great swag giveaways and trivia game!

 Check out

Riley & Parker’s Playlist


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All or Nothing Series

In case you missed it, check out the first six books in the series!


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The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 12/31/17 – Issue 40

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