Throwback Series Spotlight: All or Nothing

Six Degrees of Character Relations

The All or Nothing Series showcased great supporting characters in The Blake Boys series books that were hungry for a love story of their own. It was a pleasure to revisit stories with friends and family members of the Blakes who often were funny, insightful and contributed to the growth of the main characters.

Hard Target 1 Riley and Parker first met in Worth the Wait (Wyatt & Avery’s story – The Blake Boys book 16) and it was clear they had chemistry when they weren’t fighting! Star quarterback of the Tomcats Riley found chasing after Parker wasn’t so bad, after all the reward was the finding the love of his life. We first met Riley in Off Season (Seth & Morgan’s 6th story – The Blake Boys book 15) when T.K. asked Seth to mentor Riley and tamp down the rising football star’s ego.

Second Chance at Love 2 – Alex and Peyton’s fender bender blossomed into a chance for Alex to mend his heart and find love again. We first met Alex in Slap Shot (Derek & Charisma’s story – The Blake Boys book 14) when Derek went to Portland to visit his brother. Widower Alex set out for a new life in a new town with his kids in California in this book.

Family Matters 3 – Logan and Megan’s fated meeting at the grand opening of a Blake Hotel in Dallas sparked what they both thought was a hot, brief affair. The passion between them grew into something as their fun and games became more serious while Logan also dealt with some family issues with dad business titan, T.K. Holbrook and brother Austin. Logan has appeared in Hard Target and Corbett & Anna Beth’s holiday story Begin Again (The Blake Boys book 18) Megan has appeared in Leap of Faith.

Love at Last 4 – Rafe and Leigh Ann’s journey from Tennessee to Texas was the backdrop to bringing these two together. Tate’s half sister was being called to answer for her hilarious crimes in Nashville and Rafe was tasked with bringing the ‘fugitive’ in. We learned a lot about Tate’s half siblings, budding country western singer Leigh Ann and mountain man, adventurer Chance. Rafe has been in the series since The Perfect Storm (J.J. & Sam’s story – The Blake Boys book 6). He’s a Regency Private Security agent as well as Sam’s best friend.

Covert Affairs 5 – Trevor and Theresa found their high school love rekindled when the prodigal intelligence agent returned home to recover from a bullet wound. Trevor (Charisma’s brother) was surprised to see Theresa had moved next door to his grandmother and they were fated to keep bumping into each other. Theresa helped show Trevor what was most important in life but he had to tie up a few loose ends first. Fun fact: Theresa was in the first scene in The Blake Boys book series (For the Love of the Game – book 1). She was the travel agent Morgan visited and sent her off to that island to meet Seth! Trevor made his debut in Playing for Keeps (The Blake Boys book 19) when he attended his sister’s wedding.

Restless Heart 6 – Austin and Savannah made their connection when Savannah was tasked with interviewing Austin for his heroics to save a local businesswoman from a fire in their sleepy California town. He was difficult to pin down for the story but he was more than willing to spend time with the feisty reporter Savannah. Austin made his debut in his brother Logan’s book Family Matters (All or Nothing book 4). Austin and Logan had some matters to resolve with their larger than life father T.K.

Hot Pursuit 7 – Riley and Parker were on tap for another adventure when this athletic duo found themselves in the middle of intrigue as their relationship continued to develop. It was Parker’s turn to be the star athlete as a television fitness competition she’d entered was getting deadlier by the second. This duo loves action and often find trouble!

A Taste of Romance 8 – Marco and Trina’s fated meeting at his vineyard in Napa Valley was the setting for these two to find passion and lasting romance as Trina was mulling over her budding singing career. Marco made his debut in Channing & Cassie’s story Leap of Faith (The Blake Boys book 17). Trina is a Reed cousin who has been featured in her cousins Morgan, Charisma and Trevor’s books.

Wild at Heart 9 – Chance and Shannon seemed an unlikely pair but proved opposites do attract! Mountain man Chance was in Texas visiting his siblings Tate and Leigh Ann when Shannon was sent to the private airport to retrieve him. He convinced Shannon he’d be the perfect person to make an ex jealous but their adventures turned into love as these two continued their ruse. Chance made his debut in Love at Last (All or Nothing book 4) when he drove to Texas to “rescue” Leigh Ann from the clutches of the celebrity half-bother Tate they never knew they had. John Jacob’s goddaughter Shannon made her debut in Covert Affairs (All or Nothing book 5) when Trevor rescued her from a harrowing event in Europe that resulted in him getting shot.

I must admit I keep my handy encyclopedia close these days. It’s been a five year journey that blossomed into two epic sagas thanks to my overactive imagination and input from devoted readers! I listen and when the readers speak, it helps give me perspective and direction (Hence, 6 Seth & Morgan books. Lol.)

Thank you for continuing this journey with me. As I am in the editing process of Homecoming, it is a reminder of why I love these characters. Some authors move on but these characters (and some readers) were yelling, ‘keep going!’. Lol. Tentative release date for Homecoming with be coming shortly. Retail purchase links can be found if you click on the title of the book in the paragraph.

Happy Reading,


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