Throwback Couple Spotlight: Tyler & Michelle

Tyler and Michelle. What could go wrong when Morgan’s best friend catches the eye of Seth’s deviously handsome, adventure seeking younger brother Tyler? This fun couple is a wackier, no filter version of Seth and Morgan.

When race car driver Tyler Blake, often mistaken for his big brother Seth, appeared to be very crafty at dodging relationships, a plan was set in motion. With the help of the Blake family, Michelle was able to whisk him away to the family estate, Blake Ridge, in scenic Colorado to finally face their feelings for each other.

Michelle told herself that getting involved with Tyler was probably a bad idea. He was an impulsive, loose cannon but there was a softer, gentler side to him that was sweeter than the sweet treats she liked to bake. It may have been lust at first sight when they first crossed paths but it was clear these two were kindred spirits.

Tyler loves Michelle’s cooking so much, he even mentioned she soothed his soul like a delicious certain sandwich in their wedding vows. It was totally the sort of thing Tyler would say. (Wedding vows in book Meet the Blakes)

New readers, check out their book, Slow Burn.

And listen to Tyler and Michelle’s playlist.

Check out Tyler’s Character Profile.

Check out Michelle’s Character Profile.

What is your favorite Tyler and Michelle book/scene?

What did you like about this dynamic couple?

What do you think their boys are up to?

The Blake Boys series is available on websites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, KOBO, Google Play Store, the Apple Store as well as other book retailers.

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About Rhonda Laurel, Author

Rhonda Laurel is a multi published contemporary romance author known most notably for the Blake Boys series.

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