Throwback Couple Spotlight: Seth & Morgan

Seth and Morgan. The couple that launched the Blake Boys series. They’ve had quite a journey from meeting on that island to realizing their dreams and settling down on the Twelve Horseshoes ranch in Texas. As always with my books, we’ll be catching up with the couple in Colton’s book, Homecoming.

Readers often ask when I decided to make this an epic series. I would have to say around book three because it was obvious I’d stumbled into a movie in my head that just kept going. And one of the ways I keep the characters growing is integrating life events across the series platform and Jake’s Chronicles and Kenzie’s Capers. Sneaky, huh? Lol.

New readers, check out their books in the series, For the Love of the Game, MVP, The Blake Legacy, Love Notes & Football, The Final Play and Off Season.

And listen to Seth and Morgan’s playlist

Check out Seth’s Character Profile

Check out Morgan’s Character Profile

What is your favorite Seth and Morgan book/scene?

What did you like about this dynamic couple?

Who’s your favorite of Seth and Morgan’s kids?

What do you think Seth and the family are up to now?

Leave a comment below!

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About Rhonda Laurel, Author

Rhonda Laurel is a multi published contemporary romance author known most notably for the Blake Boys series.

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  1. Shirl Wilkins

    There’s so many favorite scenes with Seth and Morgan.
    1. When they met on the island and she woke up in the hospital
    2. The scene at the police station when Morgan went to pick them up after the fight at the bar
    3. The barn scene where Seth delivered MacKenzie

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  2. Clarissa Pennington

    I think my favorite scene of Morgan and Seth was when Kenzie was born that was unexpected. And during the storm, in a barn with poor Rowdy in the office somewhere, but it just showed how family was important and the closeness they were as a couple. Seth keeping his cool under pressure just not relaxing until both his wife and child was in the hospital under professional care, also just having to use help from Penny to get help to link to them to wear they could the information in this crisis everyone had grown.

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  3. Seth, Morgan and their kids are my favorite family. I’ve read book number 1 at least 3 times

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  4. Two Favorites: Seth doing the fashion photo shoot while holding the sleeping baby Jake with one hand/arm hold and his football helmet in the other; the 2 things that anchor his life, family and football. For Morgan, every scene in which she more than stands up for herself; she was NOT the one for anybody’s bs. As a couple, I especially like how they are a team, always there for each other and as a fortress against any who tried to come for them.
    Of the kids, Jake is my favorite because we have watched him grow up and I have a better sense of his overall personality than I do of the other kids. He is kind, thoughtful and maybe a bit too responsible

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