Character Profile: Colton Cahill (The Blake Boys Series)



         Colton Cahill was easy on the eyes and hard on the heart. He had rugged good looks and charisma that made him the perfect guilty pleasure. She’d been foolish once to get involved with him. She wasn’t going to be that foolish again.

     -Reagan, Homecoming

Name:                         Colton Cahill

Occupation:               U.S. Marshal



        Being a Marshal keeps me pretty busy. There’s always some bad guy that needs chasing down. And I’m just the guy to do it. I like to keep order while my twin brother Cooper, an attorney, puts criminals away. Momma always said the state of Kentucky was safer because of us.

     It’s been a short while since Momma passed away. Margaret Cahill, Maggie to her family and friends, was a fiery woman who brought light to every life she touched. She was an adventurous, courageous woman who loved to talk about anything under the sun…except my father. My father was the one thing refused to talk about, even with her sons. The fact that he never came around makes me wonder if she was just protecting us. What kind of man would abandon his kids? 

     I gave up on getting answers a long time ago and now that Momma was gone, there was no reason to dwell on it. Life was getting back to normal after the funeral until Reagan Thorne walked back into my life. She’s just as stunning and stubborn as ever. She left Kentucky over a year ago without a word. No longer a Marshal, she’s now working for Regency, an elite private security firm. She’s been tasked to bring Cooper and me to Texas at the request of billionaire John Jacob Blake. What on earth does that man want with us? How did Reagan get involved with the Blakes?

          My story, Homecoming, is coming up. I’m not going anywhere until Reagan explains why she walked out on me. Then maybe I’ll entertain going to Texas. Just when I thought I was over that woman, she walks back into my life with a bombshell about my past. I won’t let her walk away again, not without a a fight. 





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  1. Aww!!! Love the character profile . So looking forward to this book. Just want to see if my crazy thoughts are correct. Thanks Rhonda.


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