The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 12/24/18 – Issue 42

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Merry Christmas Everyone!

I enjoyed writing the All or Nothing Series stories as new characters graced the canvas while old favorites returned to continue to enrich the landscape. Austin, Riley, Marco and Chance all chased after love and had plenty of fun while doing it! What was your favorite All or Nothing story this year? Leave a comment below.


 All or Nothing Series

The All or Nothing series will be winding down with the three remaining bachelors for the new year.  Grayson, Dean and Hunter are all on a collision course with love, they just have to pay attention to the signs!

For those of you who are new to my stories, All or Nothing is a series based on the supporting characters in The Blake Boys series. In case you missed it, check out:

The Blake Boys

All or Nothing


The Blake Boys Series

The Blake Boys series will be winding down with Homecoming (book 20), which will be released in January.  


New Series


In addition to a few independent projects for the new year, I have been tinkering with a new series for the Blake Universe. It has been my intention for the longest time that once the Blake Boys and All or Nothing series were complete, I would focus on the third act of my writing soap opera. Lol. The Blake Destiny series (tentative title) will feature the Blake brood all grown up. Starting with the eldest Jake, we will see how the kids go about finding love and themselves as they venture out into the world. More details to come later as I flesh things out a bit more. 


And of course!

2019 will be another exciting year. Thank you dedicated fans, for giving me the inspiration to continue to write about connected worlds while exploring new characters and stories.

I’ve always thought of my extensive series as something you could read during a long, lazy weekend. Lol. I look forward to continuing to expand my writing abilities as I dabble in genres and take a few chances but remain true to my writing style. I will update if things change but right now it’s all systems go as I map out the new year. Some things will change as I continue to find new ways to engage with readers but I will continue to delve into story lines that center around love and family.

My FB group is still open if anyone is interested in discussing the books and series. We have Q & A’s after each release. Click here and I will send you an invite link:

And more playlists, giveaways, character profiles, excerpts, Jake’s Chronicles and Kenzie’s Capers will be coming until their series gets underway!

Happy Holidays,


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4 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 12/24/18 – Issue 42

  1. Happy New Year Ms. Laurel!! I love the Blake Series! I have read the series multiple times and I have noticed that Tyler and Michelle is missing one more book. The second book ended with Michelle pregnant and Tyler fainting. We also learn from other books in the series and the Jake Chronicles that they have other children. There were several issues that need need to be cleared up. For example, Michelle’s long lost relative. Are we going to get another book for Tyler and Michelle?

    Thank in advance



  2. Rhonda, I love love the Blake family and I will look forward to the next generation of Blake stories! Keep up with the theme of family, love romance and excitement!,,,


  3. Happy Holidays. Thanks for the great reading moments as I have read all your books and anxiously await “”Homecoming “” in January.. Most of all the Blake Destiny, as I feel like I have a vetted interest on how the next generation fare in love. Hope Jake and Gabby will be together- that will be so sweet

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