The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 6/23/18 – Issue 41

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 All or Nothing Series

The Blake Boys Series

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 All or Nothing Series

I hope everyone is enjoying Marco and Trina’s story A Taste of Romance. Thanks for the feedback from new and long time readers who loved this couple’s romance. Marco and Trina have both been supporting characters for a long time that finally came together in the scenic landscape of Napa. 

For my Hollywood Heat fans, it was fun to see Kate, Chris and the gang make an appearance. Trina & Leigh’s music ambitions were a great way to get that series of characters into the Blake World stories. Scar certainly leaves an impression, doesn’t she?

Liked the story? Leave a comment below.

Next up in the series is Wild at Heart. (Previously titled Untamed Heart.) We met Chance McGill, Tate’s half-brother, in Rafe and Leigh’s story Love at Last when the mountain man came to his sister’s rescue. Shannon Stanton made her debut in Covert Affairs and will find herself in the middle of yet another harrowing situation when she meets Chance. The adventurer and socialite couldn’t be more opposite, but they will find they have more in common than they’re willing to admit as sparks fly between them upon their meeting in the first chapter.

The release date is tentative and the book will likely release sometime in August-September. I like giving my readers a time frame. Sometimes it’s spot on and sometimes, due to things beyond my control, it has to be changed. But I will keep those updates coming! Thank you for your patience.

Chance and Shannon’s playlist for the upcoming Wild at Heart is out. Feel free to send me a song suggestion to add! 

Book 1 – Hard Target – Riley’s Story

Book 2 – Second Chance at Love – Alex’s Story

Book 3 – Family Matters – Logan’s Story

Book 4 – Love at Last – Kendrick’s Story

Book 5 – Covert Affairs – Trevor’s Story

Book 6 – Restless Heart – Austin’s Story

Book 7 – Hot Pursuit – Riley’s 2nd Story

Book 8 – A Taste of Romance – Chance’s Story

For those of you new to my stories, All or Nothing is a companion series that is based on the supporting characters that have appeared in the Blake Boys series. 


The Blake Boys Series

Homecoming (The Blake Boys book 20) is still on the horizon for later in the year. The Blake family heads in a new direction as they open their hearts to the possibility of family that had long been thought gone forever. 


And of course!

Print Books

I’ve talked to my readers on FB about the slow pace of the print books coming out. I am a one woman band who juggles many things and sometimes things get backed up. I love the print books and will do my best to get that ball rolling again soon.


As many of you know, my books vary in genres. All or Nothing has been a happy mix of genres. So whether it be contemporary romance, interracial/multicultural romance or romantic suspense, my commitment is always to a good read as two people find their way to love with the help of family and friends. My favorite genre tag is family inspired romance. 


Jake and Mackenzie 

And there will be more Jake’s Chronicles and Kenzie’s Capers coming soon! The Blake brood plays a big part in helping the adults around them find love. Jake and his roving band of siblings and cousins are always glad to help out. And they’re getting older. It was just yesterday when Jake burst onto the canvas in The Blake Legacy as the first Blake grandchild. His birth changed the course of many lives as the expanding family canvas sent his uncles on quests of their own to find true love.

Now he’s ready for some teen antics of his own. 

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