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The Jake Chronicles 13 – Chores Around the Ranch



Note: The Jake Chronicles always takes place within the timeline of the Blake World stories. This entry coincides with the upcoming Wild at Heart.

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Wild at Heart: Chance & Shannon’s Playlist Giveaway


Chance & Shannon’s playlist has begun!

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The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 6/23/18 – Issue 41

In This Issue…

 All or Nothing Series

The Blake Boys Series

And of Course!



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 All or Nothing Series

I hope everyone is enjoying Marco and Trina’s story A Taste of Romance. Thanks for the feedback from new and long time readers who loved this couple’s romance. Marco and Trina have both been supporting characters for a long time that finally came together in the scenic landscape of Napa.  Read the rest of this entry

Book Scenes – A Taste of Romance

Ripped from the pages, book scenes are the visual moments that leap off the page and into our hearts.

Check out more Blake World Book Scenes!

Book Scenes

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