New Release: Hot Pursuit (All or Nothing #7)

Passion and danger are never far from this quarterback and private investigator…

          Life is never dull for quarterback Riley Sloane, especially when he has Parker Carson for a girlfriend. Parker has just thrown herself into danger yet again during a high-speed car chase. Now he’s looking to slow her down enough to have a serious talk about their future together. But when the reckless private detective becomes a contestant on a popular obstacle course television show, their future shifts to the back burner as intrigue and mishaps begin to plague the show. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep the woman he loves safe as Parker tries to uncover the dangerous game someone is playing with the contestants. Now he just needs to find the perfect moment to persuade her to take their love across the finish line…

          Parker auditioned for a regional spot on an obstacle course contest as a lark—but when she wins big, she’s suddenly thrust into the televised world of competitive sports. She needs a distraction after wrecking her beloved car in a car chase. Unfortunately, she gets more than she bargains for. Not only is Riley hinting at big changes in their future, her fellow competitors start getting injured in bizarre accidents during the show. As Parker continues to rise up the ranks, the danger shifts to her. Parker must figure out who’s engaging in sabotage to win the competition before someone gets killed. But the most dangerous thing might be opening her heart and taking the next step with Riley…


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Hot Pursuit

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Next up is A Taste of Romance, book 8 in the All or Nothing series! Vintner Marco’s life is turned upside down when he meets songbird Trina Reed!

Coming May 2018!

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