Kenzie’s Capers – Weekend with Parker and Avery


Note: This Kenzie’s Capers episode occurs during the upcoming Hot Pursuit.


         I’ll be spending the weekend with Parker and Avery. It’s fun hanging out with them. We eat junk food, watch television and they let me stay up as late as I want. Things have been strange at their place lately since Cousin Bridgette moved in with them. After getting in trouble in school last semester, she had two options. Go live with the family or go home. She didn’t want to live on the ranch because she said nothing exciting happens here. I don’t know what she’s talking about. We have plenty of fun on the ranch. We have horses, plenty of toys and we eat all the time. Mom says Bridgette’s not used to the family yet and it will take some time. Dad says Bridgette coming to Texas was a test of how to deal with a rebellious teenage girl.

          I’m home with Mom and Connor. Jake, Colby and Dad went to the pet store to get more gold-fish and a new fish tank. Our fish Goldie died yesterday. We gave him a sailor’s salute before flushing him down the toilet. Connor stayed home to help Mom make space for the tank in the playroom.


          “Kenzie, did you remember to pack your pink pajamas?” Morgan said as she entered Mackenzie’s bedroom.

          “Yes.” Mackenzie fumbled with the zipper on her suitcase. “I packed my toothbrush too.”

          Morgan unzipped suitcase and inspected it. “You have a lot in here for two days. You jetting out of the country?”

          “No. I want to be prepared. You said remember the five P’s.”

          “I sure did. I’m going to make a packing wizard out of you yet.”


          OK, I don’t actually remember them but I know my Mom. It has something to do with being neat and organized.


          “You never know what you may need.” Morgan smiled. “But if you don’t mind I’d like to re-fold and add a few things.”

          “Sure.” Mackenzie went over to her bookshelf and retrieved one of her favorite books. “Can you put this in the suitcase too?”

          “Absolutely.” Morgan spied the book cover. “Are you on book three of the series already? Those twins sure do have a lot of crazy adventures. Kind of reminds me of your brothers.”

          “Yes without the braces.” Mackenzie laughed.

          “Kenzie, while you’re at Parker and Avery’s place, try to spend a little time with Bridgette. I want to know how she’s doing.” Morgan sighed. “But don’t be too obvious when you’re eavesdropping. Be cool like a cucumber.”

          “Why don’t you want to talk to her?”

          “Bridgette and I need a break after our last talk.”


          I remember that talk. Mom was yelling so loud I could hear her from the backyard. Dad said ‘young lady’ a lot and told Bridgette the Tomcats Stadium was off-limits if she thought it was a place to pick up guys. I thought that was odd. Cousin Bridgette is way too small to pick up one of Daddy’s football players.


          “Bridgette’s always cranky.” Mackenzie rolled her eyes. “All she does is complain about how mean everyone is to her.”

          “She’s just being a drama queen.” Morgan waved a hand. “She’s led a charmed life believe me. But she’s still family. I promise one day she’ll come around. Reed women don’t—”

          Mackenzie took her cue. “Don’t whine. We drink wine. But I can’t drink wine until I’m an adult. Which is age thirty. Right?”

        “Right.” Morgan winked at her. “Just keep those ears perked up.”

         “OK.” Mackenzie looked at her mom. “Isn’t that ratting on Bridgette if I tell you what she’s doing?”

          “No, it’s not ratting when you’re helping out your mother.” Morgan tapped her nose. “Don’t forget to check in on the older folks and your baby cousins down the hall.”

          “I will.”

          The doorbell rang.

          “That must be Parker.”

          “I’ll finish packing your bag. You go let Parker in.” Morgan said.

          Mackenzie scurried down the stairs. Connor had opened the door for Parker and was headed back into the kitchen.

          “Hi Parker!”

          “Hi Kenzie. You’re looking stylish as usual.”

          “Thank you.” Mackenzie did a little twirl.


          Aunt Charisma says always put your best foot forward. She also said I don’t really have to try hard because I’m so cute. Mom said Aunt Charisma’s a professional diva who’s going to corrupt me and Alexis but she’ll keep us on the right track.


          “You ready for our fun weekend?”

          “Yes. I have everything I need.”

          “Good. Because we’re going to be busy.”

          “She’s been talking about this weekend all week.” Morgan said as she came downstairs with Mackenzie’s pink suitcase.

          “I must admit I’m excited too. We had a blast last time.”

          “We made S’mores.” Mackenzie grinned.

          “Riley made them. We watched from a safe distance.” Parker added.

          “Parker. How was the dinner party for the team?” Morgan said.

          “Great. I’m getting better at hosting thanks to you. We had a good time. No one got too rowdy or arrested.”

          “See. I told you that you could wrangle them in. You are an excellent quarterback’s girlfriend.”

          “I’ve found a nice rhythm. Riley gets to hang out with his friends and I’m getting used to being in the limelight when I have to be.”

          “I know it’s strange.” Morgan wrinkled her nose. “I was living a quiet life until I met Seth. Suddenly there were cameras in my face and people invading my privacy wanting to know about the new Mrs. Seth Blake.”

          “It’s not easy.”

          “It will get better. At least you’re his girlfriend. I made my worldwide debut as his wife. It was brutal.”

          “But you survived and blossomed. You didn’t let that bother you.”

          “I couldn’t let the outside world dictate my happiness. I would have missed out on so much.” Morgan rubbed Mackenzie’s head. “You’re doing just fine.”

          “I have to admit I am happy I don’t have to deal with a brood of ladies like the ones you had to deal with when Seth was with the Titans.”

          “I avoided them at all costs. Who had the time to sit around talking about their significant other’s career? I had one of my own.” Morgan laughed.

          “Thanks for the guidance.” Parker nodded.


          Parker and Riley have been together for a while. Riley used to be a pain but ever since he met Parker he’s cool and part of the family. Mom says love can make people see the potential they have to be a better person.


          “She has everything under the sun in here.” Morgan pulled up the handle on the suitcase. “But just give me a call if she forgot something. I can always bring it by.”

          “No worries.” Parker smiled. “Avery and I are taking Mackenzie shopping. We can always pick something up.”

          “Don’t forget your back pack too.” Morgan helped Mackenzie get it on her back.

          “Connor, I’m leaving!” Mackenzie yelled.

          “What are you telling me for?” Connor yelled back.

          “Connor, get in here.” Morgan bellowed.

          Connor did a slow march into the foyer. “Yes?”

          “Connor, don’t have Taco Tuesday without me.” Mackenzie said.

          “We can’t have Taco Tuesday on Friday.” Connor smirked. “But we’re still gonna have tacos. If you can’t be here. Tough.”

           “Connor!” Mackenzie yelled. “That’s not fair!”

           “He’s kidding.” Morgan interrupted. “Truth is, Connor is going to miss you. He gets really grumpy when you’re gone.”

          “He does?” Mackenzie said.

          “Isn’t that right Connor?” Morgan squinted at her son. “You miss Kenzie when she’s gone. Right?”

           “I guess.” He scratched his head. “Dad said to keep an eye on her. How can I do that if she’s not here?”

           “You could come with us.” Parker said.

           Connor gave her a thoughtful look. “What’s on the agenda?”

          “We’re going to go shopping and—”

          “No thanks.” Connor interrupted.


          Connor hates to go shopping unless it’s at the toy store. One time Mom tricked him into going to get new clothes, saying we were going to the circus. Even I knew the circus wasn’t in town. Mom said Connor knew too but by the way he was looking at her but he didn’t want to take a chance that we’d really be going to the circus and would miss it. He falls for it every time. I guess that’s what I love about my brother. He’ll do whatever you ask him, whether it makes sense or not.


           “I’m going to miss you Connor.” Mackenzie grabbed him around the neck and planted a kiss on his cheek.

            “Yuck.” He swiped at his cheek. “You’ll only be gone a couple of days.”

           “Send Parker a pic of the new goldfish. I want to see them.”

          “OK.” Connor shrugged. “You get to name one of them.”

          “And no tacos?” Mackenzie gave him a big smile.

          “No tacos. We’ll have burgers instead.” He nodded. “Don’t forget I have to help you practice your soccer moves when you get home.”

          “I won’t forget.” Mackenzie said.

          “Have fun. But not too much fun. You know, because we have the most fun here.” Connor said and dashed off to the kitchen again.

           “Brothers.” Parker sighed. “What are you going to do with them?”

          “Nothing. Believe me I’ve tried.” Morgan laughed then turned to Mackenzie. “I love you. Be good. Have fun. Don’t forget what I said.”

           Mackenzie looked up in the air like she was trying to remember. “Oh. Be a cool cucumber. Tattling isn’t bad when you’re telling what you heard to your mom.”

           “You are such a kidder.” Morgan laughed loud and gave her a hug.


           “Let’s hit the road Kenzie.” Parker grabbed the suitcase handle and opened the door.

           “Bye Mom!” Mackenzie kissed Morgan on the cheek. “Love you too!”

           Mackenzie and Parker walked down the pathway to Parker’s car.

          “Did you get the car washed?” Mackenzie said.

           “Yeah. Riley was complaining about the dirt. He’s so particular about weird things like the clothes he wears. That’s what I get for dating a man with more fashion sense than me.” Parker opened the door for her and helped her remove the back pack. “Check it out. I got a new air freshener too.”

          “Smells good.” Mackenzie got in and fastened her seat belt.

          Parker put the back pack and suitcase in the trunk, then slid into the driver’s seat and turned on the car’s engine. “We are going to be picking up Avery. But I have to warn you Bridgette may be coming along too. So maybe you can get in some of that investigative work your Mom asked you to do. First rule of investigating is blending in and listening. Lucky for you Bridgette never shuts up. You’ll be able to write her biography by the time the weekend is over.”


          I like Parker. She has a cool car and calls it Blue Steel. She’s a private investigator and chases after crooks and protects people like Aunt Sam. They sort of lookalike but they don’t like to hear it. They’re the tallest women in the family. She and Avery are good friends and it’s always nice to spend time with them. She says she knows my pain because she’s the baby of her siblings too. Mom says Parker has spunk and lives her life her own way. I once saw her flip a guy on his back. He was running from the police until she stopped him. But that’s another story. It’s going to be a fun weekend. Riley and Wyatt will be there too. Let’s see if I can get some good info on Cousin Bridgette for Mom.



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Hope you enjoyed Kenzie’s Capers! Find out what happens next in Hot Pursuit!

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