New Release: Restless Heart (All or Nothing #6)



Can the right woman tame this cowboy’s restless heart?

          When a fire erupts at a local restaurant, Austin Holbrook rushes into the burning building to save the life of a woman trapped inside. Afterward, the low-key cowboy tries to avoid the fuss and attention of being labeled a hero. He doesn’t want to talk to the press, but he isn’t prepared for the heat between him and Savannah Brewster, the reporter pursuing the story for the local paper. Savannah is smart, determined, and beautiful. And she refuses to leave without her story. As his attraction to Savannah grows, he must decide whether it’s time to reconsider his aversion to long-term relationships. After watching his parents’ marriage go down in flames, he has turned his back on the possibility of finding lasting love. So why is his heart telling him Savannah just might be the one?

          After moving to the sleepy town of Harper’s Grove, reporter Savannah Brewster’s first story is covering a fire and a dramatic rescue by a local rancher. At first she isn’t happy about doing a puff piece about a small-town heart-throb, but at least the story will take her mind off her recent break-up with her boyfriend. She isn’t prepared for her instant reaction to Austin, the hunky, hot commodity who’s just as handsome and mysterious as his reputation suggests. Too bad he’s a closed book and not exactly known for serious relationships. She’s determined to get the scoop no matter how much he wants to dodge the spotlight. There are moments when he’s open with her, and the sparks fly as she sees a different side to the man. But as things heat up, she finds out she has a rival for Austin’s affections who just might end her career for good…


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Restless Heart

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Next up is Hot Pursuit, book 7 in the All or Nothing series! Riley & Parker’s love story continues with new intrigue as they stumble into another intriguing adventure! Coming March 2018! 


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  1. I’ve been busy working since Restless Heart came out and I finally got the chance to read it and it was great like all the other books in the series, I liked that I saw my name in the book, India the stationary store owner, I got a good laugh out of that.

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