The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 12/31/17 – Issue 40

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Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s been a busy year and I enjoyed writing the All or Nothing Series stories as new characters graced the canvas while old favorites returned to continue to enrich the landscape. As always, I will continue to delve into story lines that center around love and family.

2018 will be another exciting year. Thank you dedicated fans, for reading my books and reaching out to me. There will be 6 books on the horizon and the new Kenzie’s Capers. Mackenzie joins brother Jake in offering her view on the world around her.

 All or Nothing Series

The All or Nothing series continues to bloom with the upcoming books for the new year!  First up to be released in January is Austin and Savannah’s story Restless Heart

For those of you new to my stories, All or Nothing is a series that is based on the supporting characters in The Blake Boys series. In case you missed it, check out:

2018 Series News


The Blake Boys Series

The Blake Boys series will have one upcoming book, Homecoming (book 20).   

The 2018 Series News page has an updated chronological list for both series.


And of course!

For my print anthology readers, I will update you in the near future about what will be released for 2018. I am juggling several things at the moment but I haven’t forgotten my paperback people!

My Hollywood Heat fans, I am working on getting another installment out on the adventures of Chris & Kate this year.

And more playlists, giveaways, character profiles, excerpts, Jake’s Chronicles and Kenzie’s Capers will be coming soon!

Happy New Year,


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5 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 12/31/17 – Issue 40

  1. how about a book on Morgan n her brothers remembering their time with their mom. Have their father tell stories on their upbringing before their mother death. similar to you doing a book about John Sr and TerryLynn Blake when they met. just a thought….I’m a huge follower

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  2. Happy New Year to you😊

    Happy to know that there will be more Hollywood Heat; will be looking forward to it.
    Loved Kenzie’s (Miss Thang) episode as well.

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