Restless Heart: Austin & Savannah’s Playlist Giveaway

  *Winners to be posted soon!

Austin & Savannah’s playlist has begun!

Austin & Savannah’s love story is coming in January!                 

Leave a comment with a song suggestion for a chance to win  

 a $5 Amazon e-gift card!

Two winners will be randomly chosen on 1/19!

Character profiles coming soon!

In case you missed it, check out

Welcome to Harper’s Grove

The Holbrooks

*The reader inspired Spotify Playlists are on the Playlist page and in the right column of this blog!*

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15 thoughts on “Restless Heart: Austin & Savannah’s Playlist Giveaway

  1. Rhonda could you add : This kind of Love _ by Sister Hazel
    For you I Will _ by Monica
    Every Time I Close my Eyes _ by BabyFace
    You are_ by Charlie Wilson

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  3. John Rose – Beautiful (Austin’s song to Savannah)
    Kyle Dion – Cool side of the Pillow
    Ella Mai – Naked (Savannah’s song to Austin)
    Sami Smith – Say if First

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