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Hello Awesome Readers,

Kenzie’s Capers will be a new segment coming in 2018. Just like her brother Jake, Kenzie offers her unique perspective on the world around her.

     Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays. Enjoy!


          Daddy and the boys are out getting one last present for Mommy, so I’m supposed to keep her busy. We’ve wrapped presents, baked cookies and drank hot chocolate.

          It’s been a busy week for us. Mommy does a lot of Blake Foundation work the week of Christmas and we had our first ever Kenzie’s Kennel Club adoption fundraiser for rescue animals at Grandpa John Jacob’s country club. 

          “Don’t move that finger missy.” Morgan folded the ribbon to make a bow.

          “OK.” Mackenzie held her finger steady. “Mommy did you ever get Cousin Bridgette’s present?”

          “I sure did. Why do you ask?”

          “I heard you tell Aunt Isabelle that you were going to get Cousin Bridgette a new pair of hot pants because she burned her old ones.”

          “You can repeat what I gossip about verbatim but you can’t remember to bring your rain parka home from school.” Morgan shook her head. “No, I did not get her pants but I did have a long talk with Aunt Lisa and Uncle Charles. Bridgette may be a little cranky when she gets back from her winter break. She’ll be trading in those hot pants for a nun’s habit.”


           “I’m just rambling. I’d rather talk about your event. I’m so proud of you.” Morgan smiled. “Kenzie’s Kennel Club was able to find homes for thirteen dogs, ten cats, eight rabbits, three turtles and two gerbils.”


          “You’re supposed to say and a partridge in a pear tree!” Morgan screeched at the top of her lungs.

           Mackenzie covered her ears.

          “I was not that bad. Put your finger back on the bow.” Morgan shot her look. “OK, I don’t sing like Aunt Leigh or Cousin Trina but I’ve got a good set of chops.”

          “Daddy says you save your voice for raising Cain at our school.”

           “Well, I get a little emotional and that carries over into my voice.”

          “Mrs. McLean says you’re nice but she’s a little scared of you.”

          “Well, Mrs. McLean and I had a healthy debate over something Connor did once. Back to your event. I’m so proud of my ladies. Avery and Parker were a great help. But next time I’m going on stage with you to make your speech.”


          Here’s my speech or what Grandpa John Jacob told me to say:

          My name is Mackenzie Blake and I’m here today because these adorable animals are in need of a good home. They need love, care and lots of attention. They make great friends and loyal companions. So come on you crazy old coots, put your money where your mouth is. Do something nice for your grand-kids this Christmas.


          “Grandpa said not to worry. If anyone gave his grand-baby a hard time he’d,” Kenzie looked up like she was trying to remember. “Do a mad merger on their business.”

          “What?” Morgan gave her a funny look then her eyes widened. “Oh! You mean a hostile takeover of their company.”

          “That’s it.”

          “You know Grandpa was just kidding, right?” Morgan looked at her.

          Mackenzie shrugged.

          “Or at least I hope he was.” Morgan mumbled under her breath. “There. You can move your finger now. This was the last present I had to wrap. Now we can get back to baking that next batch of cookies. I think your Dad and brothers ate the ones we made this morning.”


          “I must say you picked out some very thoughtful gifts for family members this year. I think Uncle Tate and Uncle Chance are going to enjoy those friendship bracelets you got them.”

          “Maybe it will help them be nice to each other.”

          “I hope so.” Morgan waggled her eyebrows. “I know jewelry always improves my mood. Speaking of, what did your Dad get me for Christmas?”

          “It’s a surprise.” Mackenzie smiled. “I can’t tell.”

          “Daddy’s Girl.” Morgan took her over to the couch to sit.  “Listen, I wanted to talk to you before you opened your presents tomorrow. I read your list to Santa and I’m pretty sure he’ll bring you most of the things you want. But there was something on there that he can’t give you and I don’t want you to be upset about it. OK?”

          “What is it?”

          I asked for a lot of stuff. But daddy said to make sure I wrote everything down. A few times I wrote it twice to make sure Santa didn’t overlook it.


          “Baby, Santa can’t fix my lupus.” Morgan clutched her hands. “Lupus is something that can’t simply can’t be wished away, I’m afraid. Believe me, I’ve tried.”

          “Why not?”

           “Some medical issues are a little more difficult to get rid of or even cure. It’s complicated. One day when you get older you’ll understand that there are some things in the world that are just out of our hands. There are even some things that Grandpa John Jacob can’t fix.”


          “But that doesn’t mean he won’t move heaven, earth and the state of Texas to try. I love that you and your brothers worry about me but it’s my job to take care of you. I told Jake, Connor and Colby the same thing. So no worries when I’m having a bad day. You and I have a lot of things to accomplish together. I’m going to keep fighting like hell to be there for you.”

          “You mean it?”

          “I mean it.” Morgan smiled. “Who else is going to comb that redheaded mess every morning? Or fuss with you about making your bed and putting your toys back in your toy chest? I like to believe I’m the only one qualified to help you do some of these things.”

          “I love you Momma Morgy.” Mackenzie wrapped her arms around her mother’s neck and squeezed as tight as she could.

          “I love you too Mackenzie Reed-Lyn. We drive each other crazy but it has been one of my greatest joys to be your mom.” Morgan teared up. “And I don’t intend to give up that honor any time soon.”


          Daddy was right. Mommy gives the best hugs.


          Morgan continued. “I have an early Christmas gift for you. I think you should open it now. It’s a bonus gift, so you still get to open another one at midnight. Go over to the tree and carefully pull the small purple box off the tree limb.”

          “Yay! A present!” Mackenzie hustled over to the tree, retrieved the box and returned to the couch.

           Morgan held the box as Mackenzie pulled on the bow and removed the top. It was a beautiful butterfly necklace.

           “Your Grandma Elizabeth gave this to me a long time ago when I was a little girl.”

          “Wow. It’s pretty.” Mackenzie touched it.

          Morgan put the necklace around her daughter’s neck and fastened the clasp. “She would have loved you and I know she’d want you to have it.

          “Was she nice?”

          “She was awesome.” Morgan tickled her. “She was pretty, funny and kind. Grandma Elizabeth was a force of nature, just like Grandma Teri-Lyn and Grandma Sydney. I like to think I got a lot of her spunk and love of books.”

           “Grandpa Curtis says I get my spunk and stubborn streak from you.”

           “There you go.” Morgan laughed. “We all get something from our parents, mostly things they don’t recognize in themselves until they have kids.”


          “Let’s just say I finally feel Grandpa Curtis’s pain.” She stood. “What do you say we get some more hot chocolate going for your Dad and brothers? They should be back soon. I’m sure they’ll be thirsty when they return with that mystery present.”

          “They sure will be.” Mackenzie smiled.

          “You’re still not going to tell me?”

          Mackenzie shook her head no.

          “Figures.” Morgan took her hand. “Come on Daddy’s Girl, into the kitchen we go.”

           “Can I have extra marshmallows?” Mackenzie giggled.

           “Sure. But I noticed you didn’t ask Santa for an electric toothbrush for Christmas.”


          I opened up the can of hot chocolate while Mommy got the cups down and heated the milk. Mommy’s going to love her surprise.

          I’m so excited about tonight. The boys and I will stay up and wait for Santa but I’m always the first to fall asleep. But when I wake up the cookies and milk are gone, there’s even more presents under the tree and a note left by Santa that looks an awful lot like Daddy’s handwriting.


          The sound of a horn blaring in the driveway sent Mackenzie to the window. “They’re here! They’re here!”

          Morgan went over there too. “Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it.”


           “Let’s get a better look at that those things.” Morgan headed to the foyer and grabbed their coats off the coat rack. “Your father’s a nut. We’re going to have to go shopping for accessories.”

           “They’re under the tree!” Mackenzie threw her hands over her mouth.


           Daddy got Mommy and me matching pink ATVs.


          “What do you think?” Seth said to Morgan.

          “I think you’re insane.” She laughed. “So we’re the ATV family now?”

          “You know it.” Seth came over and gave her a kiss. “It’s something we can do as a family.”

          “Come on Kenzie, hop up.” Jake hoisted her onto her vehicle. 

          “Vroom!” She gripped the handlebars. “Now I can go riding with you Jakey.”

          “I’ll show you how to pop a wheelie.” Jake smiled.

          “No. All wheels on the ground at all times.” Morgan yelled over. “I don’t want any more trips to the emergency room.”

          “Falling into that ditch wasn’t my fault.” Connor said.

          “You fell into the ditch because you tried to jump the ramp too soon.” Colby replied.

          “Don’t worry mom, I’m sure Kenzie will be better a better driver than Connor and Colby.” Jake laughed.

          “Kenzie could totally make that jump.” Connor added.

           “Maybe if we moved the ramp a little to the left. She could stick the landing.” Colby said thoughtfully.

          “They’re kidding.” Seth kissed Morgan again.


          Daddy kissed Mommy some more. They kiss all the time. Santa may not be able to fix her lupus but I’ll still keep wishing. Grandpa John Jacob said the stars in the sky are wishes and they twinkle they are about to come true. I’ll keep an eye on the stars over our house.

          I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas. I know I already got the best gifts ever. Mommy, Daddy, Jake, Connor, Colby and a whole bunch of family members that I love. And my new ATV.




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Hope you enjoyed the debut of Kenzie’s Capers! 

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  2. What a wonderful interaction between mother and daughter and to see how far they have come. It was fun to read seeing how much Kendzie has grown and come into her own.

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  3. Rhonda that was so beautiful, it reminded me of my talks with my mother. Kenzie’ s Capers
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