The Jake Chronicles 12 – Thanksgiving at the Ranch



Note: The Jake Chronicles always takes place within the timeline of the Blake World stories. This entry coincides with Covert Affairs.


          It’s Thanksgiving and we have a lot of people coming to the ranch today. So many that Grandma and Grandpa had renovations done on their house to expand the kitchen and dining room areas. Grandpa asked if Grandma wanted to build a new house but she said she’d never leave the place where Uncle J.J. and the rest of her boys took their first steps. It kind of looks like a banquet hall now and at the rate our family keeps growing, they’re going to need to renovate again next year.

          The family in Philadelphia won’t be here this year but we’re going to video conference with them later on today. We’re going for a visit next week.

          There’s a bunch of family members and friends expected for dinner. It’s almost hard to keep track of everyone. Uncle Patton and Aunt Nina are coming and that means Gabby is coming too. We like having Emerson around, he’s part of the gang, but his big sister is another story. Gabby lives to torment me.

           Once we passed Mom’s final inspection of our outfits, we headed to the main house. As soon as we entered, people were moving about getting things ready. Grandma informed me that I’m in charge of the kids table. My job is to make sure Connor doesn’t start a food fight and Gabe and Owen don’t put their vegetables in their pockets. My money’s on Jack and Kenzie sneaking food to Rowdy, Bingo and Duke.

          An hour later it was time for dinner. Gabby didn’t look too happy to see me. But then again there’s always something going on with her. Here goes nothing.

          “Hi Gabby.” Jake approached her.

          “Jake.” She squinted at him.


          I know that tone. That means I have to guess what I did to her.


          “What’s got your face all twisted up like a pretzel?”

          “You know what you did.”

          “No, I don’t. I haven’t seen or talked to you all day.”

          “Well, that’s because you’re rude.” She folded her arms across her chest.

          “I’m not guessing all night. What’s your deal?” He replied.

          “Hey you two.” Morgan came over. “It’s a festive occasion. Table the curt words and have a seat.”

          “But—” Jake started.

          “Jake, can you pull Gabby’s chair out for her?”

          Jake pulled out Gabby’s seat for her to sit. “Here’s your chair.”

          “Thank you.” Gabby tucked in her skirt and sat.

          “Good.” Morgan gave them each a squeeze. “You are the elders at this table. You have to set an example for the other kids. Now say something nice to each other.”

          Jake looked her up and down. “You don’t look gross today.”

          “You didn’t use too much of Uncle Seth’s cologne this time. You usually smell like you took a bath in it.” She wrinkled her nose.

          “I’ll take it.” Morgan shook her head and walked away.


          After everyone had their plates of food and were seated, Grandpa John Jacob said grace. It was all about love and family and how he’s so happy to have each and every one of us in his life. We dug in and everybody was having a good time. Connor looked more interested in eating that causing mischief. Maybe my baby brother is growing up. Colby was helping the younger kids cut their turkey. Everyone looked happy but Gabby wouldn’t talk to me and now it was annoying that she wouldn’t talk.

          An hour later dinner was over and we were getting ready for dessert. I guess I could see why she was giving me the silent treatment.


          “So?” Jake asked.

          “So what?”

          “What’s wrong with you?”

          “I sent you a Thanksgiving text and you didn’t respond.” Gabby said.


          I love Uncle Patton and Aunt Nina but giving Gabby a cell phone has been a nightmare for me. I liked it better when she sent me letters in the mail. That way I could pretend I didn’t get them.


           “I was busy with stuff.”

           “Just like you were too busy to send me a birthday text?”

           “I sent it the next day and I got you a gift.”

           “I bet Aunt Morgan made you get it.”


           Actually Mom helped me pick it out but she didn’t make me get it. I bought Gabby’s gift a month before her birthday but I didn’t want her to get any ideas so I gave it to her a day late.


           “What difference did it make? I got you a gift.”

           “Hey Jake. Can you help your dad out?”  Seth motioned for him to come over to the buffet table.

           “What’s up Dad?”

           “What’s going on over there?”

           “Gabby’s in a mood again. What’s that word Mom uses for Kenzie when she doesn’t want to listen?” He stroked his chin. “Fussy. She’s being fussy.”

          “Did you contribute to her fussiness?” Seth raised an eyebrow. “You seem to get a kick out of getting her fired up.”

          “I do not.” Jake suppressed a grin. “But it’s real easy. She’s so sensitive. Thank goodness Kenzie isn’t like that.”

           “I don’t think you antagonize your sister the same way you do Gabby.” Seth mused.

          “I didn’t respond to her text this morning. It’s not the end of the world.”

          “Did you do it on purpose? You could have taken a minute to respond to her text. You have time when it’s another friend or one of your cousins. Gabby’s a friend.”

          “She’s not a friend. She’s a Gabby.”

          “Son, someday we’re going to have a long conversation about that statement.” Seth patted his son on the back. “In the meantime, I’ll keep myself busy with your brothers, sister and the football team.”

          “Huh?” Jake scratched at his temple.

          “When that light bulb finally turns on remember the word eureka.” Seth smiled. “In the meantime, we raised you to be polite.”

          “OK.” He sighed. “What can I do?”

          “What do you think will cheer her up?”

          Jake looked around at the sweet treats on the table. “Something with frosting always puts a smile on Mom’s face.”

          “Nothing says I’m sorry like a slice of chocolate cake.” Seth replied.

          Jake sliced a hunk of the triple layer chocolate cake, put it on a dessert plate and grabbed two forks. He went back to the table to find Gabby talking to Avery.

          He marched over to her. “I’m sorry I didn’t respond to your text.”

          “I’ll leave.” Avery smiled and stood. “This sounds like a private apology.”

          “Want to split a piece of cake?” Jake sat down.


           “See. I can be nice.”

          “When you’re not being a jerk face.” Gabby stuck her tongue out at him.

          “I’m your favorite jerk face.” He shoveled a big piece of cake into his mouth and gave her a goofy, chocolate toothed smile.


          Gabby and I called a truce for the rest of the night. I prefer she call me names instead of ignoring me all together. Where’s the fun in that?

          We talked to the family in Philadelphia and there was a lot of excitement going on. My Mom and Aunt Isabelle were so happy about the family’s news they cried and had some sweet potato pie. There’s always something going on in this family.

           A friend of mine once asked me why I have so many family members. I told him what my Grandpa John Jacob told me. As long as there is life happening and love in the air, there’s never enough family.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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Hope you enjoyed Jake’s latest adventure with his family! 

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  2. Boy I have missed the little Blake’s adventures. Thank you Ms. Laurel for the wonderful stories and characters that make us smile and laugh. Your books bring so much joy to many. PS are we going to get a Kate and Chris book anytime soon, I love the Blake’s but love the Cavanaghs too.

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  4. Who wouldn’t love Jake? Everyone loves
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    Now my Thanksgiving is complete.

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  5. I can’t believe how they are growing I hope Conor has a crush on Gabby and gives Jake a run for his money or one of the new cousins from Gabriel family tree. Yeah I’m wrong

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