The Jake Chronicles 12 – Thanksgiving at the Ranch



Note: The Jake Chronicles always takes place within the timeline of the Blake World stories. This entry coincides with Covert Affairs.


          It’s Thanksgiving and we have a lot of people coming to the ranch today. So many that Grandma and Grandpa had renovations done on their house to expand the kitchen and dining room areas. Grandpa asked if Grandma wanted to build a new house but she said she’d never leave the place where Uncle J.J. and the rest of her boys took their first steps. It kind of looks like a banquet hall now and at the rate our family keeps growing, they’re going to need to renovate again next year. Continue reading

Happy Turkey Day!

Thanksgiving Sentiments

Happy Turkey Day to everyone who celebrates this holiday of food, fun and gathering.

When we take each other’s hands and say grace this Thanksgiving, we are really holding one another’s hearts. The people seated at the table with you share not only one day, but a lifetime of things to be thankful.

Happy Eating!


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New Release: Covert Affairs (All or Nothing #5)



His toughest mission will be opening his heart to love.

          When covert agent Trevor Reed gets a distress call about a missing girl while he’s in deep cover he’s forced to make a hard choice. Save the hostage or stick to his mission of infiltrating the organization of dangerous weapon smugglers. When he makes a play to save the girl, he ends up injured. Headed back home to recover, he ends up back in Philadelphia, face-to-face with Theresa, his high school sweetheart. He’s watched her over the years, remaining at arm’s length because of the dangerous nature of his job, but he can no longer continue to love her from afar. Trevor’s next assignment may be his toughest yet: admitting he never should’ve let her go all those years ago. Continue reading