Love at Last Trivia Giveaway

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*Congrats to Angela and Tracey!* 


 Answer the questions below for a chance to win!

Entry Dates: 9/15 – 10/15

 2 Winners will be chosen 10/16/17!


Grand Prize


Tote bag, journal, Texas bandanna and stylus/pen!

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 *See giveaway page for updated entry rules and good luck!

8 thoughts on “Love at Last Trivia Giveaway

  1. When will this book be available on Amazon? Is it possible to consider releasing future Trivia Giveaways after the books have been released on Amazon it seems that we are always 24-48 hours behind , giving us no chance at winning


  2. Another great book! Rafe and Leigh were so good together. Love happens when you are not looking for it. They remind me of Seth and Morgan. Looking forward to a few more weddings and babies. Leigh brought the spice and excitement to Rafe’ s strict and empty life. I hope Chance can meet Trina and Austin can meet the new security lady (Simmons). Keep writing about this awesome family.

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