The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 9/17/17 – Issue 39

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 All or Nothing Series

The Blake Boys Series

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 All or Nothing Series

I hope everyone is enjoying Kendrick and Leigh’s story Love at Last. It was fun to write and I loved road tripping with these two as they discovered more about themselves while fighting their attraction to each other. Rafe Kendrick’s character has been around since The Perfect Storm (The Blake Boys Series Book 6) and the security specialist’s love story has been a long time coming. 

Next up in the series is Covert Affairs. The elusive Trevor Reed returns home to Philadelphia into the Reed family fold only to get caught up in his most intriguing assignment yet, listening to his heart. He may travel the globe and has a mysterious job but there’s no mystery about the way he feels about his high school sweetheart, Theresa, the Reed family travel agent who he affectionately calls Reese.

Trevor & Theresa’s playlist for the upcoming Covert Affairs is out. Feel free to send me a song suggestion to add! 

Book 1 – Hard Target – Riley’s Story

Book 2 – Second Chance at Love – Alex’s Story

Book 3 – Family Matters – Logan’s Story

Book 4 – Love at Last – Kendrick’s Story

Book 5 – Covert Affairs – Trevor’s Story

Book 6 – Restless Heart – Austin’s Story

For those of you new to my stories, All or Nothing is a companion series that is based on the supporting characters that have appeared in the Blake Boys series.

The Blake Boys Series

Homecoming (The Blake Boys book 20) is still on the horizon. The Blake family heads in a new direction as they open their hearts to the possibility of family that had long been thought gone forever. 

The 2017-2018 Series News page has a chronological list for both series that will updated as we get closer to the end of the year.



And of course!

For my print readers, Off Season is the next book due to be released in the near future. It’s been harder to put on the print books due to my hectic writing schedule but it will be done. 

I am plotting and planning the 2018 landscape. There are more stories to tell and I’ve left a few breadcrumbs about upcoming character stories and couple pairings. Who do you think will be paired together? We have at least one more single Reed lady that’s a budding singer. 

And there will be more character profiles, excerpts and Jake’s Chronicles coming soon! The Blake brood plays a big part in helping the adults around them find love. Jake and his roving band of siblings and cousins are always glad to help out. 

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