Character Profile: Leigh McGill (All or Nothing Series)



Name:                             Leigh McGill

Occupation:               Future Country Music Star

Marital Status:          Single                                       



         All my life all I ever wanted to do was sing. My mama says I was born with a microphone in my hand and stars in my eyes. But I can’t help it. Music is in my blood and I love the feeling I get when I’m playing my guitar. I just know one day my name is going to be in lights somewhere. I couldn’t believe it when my daddy Joe told me country music legend Tate McGill was his son. He also said Tate wanted nothing to with him. It seems fame and being adopted by the Blakes has led my half-brother to turn his back on his family.

         My dad’s life has always been a mystery to me. He came and went out of our lives over the years. My mama moved on a long time ago with someone else. Mama says the biggest heartache I’ll ever have in life is finding out my dad is not the man I think he is. My big brother Chance says it’s better to let sleeping dogs lie.

          I’m going to do whatever it takes to make it. But sometimes that means I have to be creative in getting things done. I have big dreams and I don’t have time to get serious about anyone. Love is a distraction and I need to stay focused on my objective, which is to be the next country music sensation. Who needs Tate McGill? You’ll be seeing me in Love at Last when fate conspires to bring my world crashing down. I may have to face the music in more ways than one. Mama says I look for trouble and this time I think I found it.

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  2. This is about to be a mess and I’m here for it. Little McGill sure seems to have a skewed idea of her big brother Tate. How funny when their shared father did the same thing to her.

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