Family Matters Trivia Giveaway

Congrats to Freda!

Thanks to everyone who participated!


 Answer the questions below for a chance to win!

Entry Dates: 7/7 – 8/7

 1 Winner will be chosen 8/8/17!

Grand Prize

 12 Horseshoes T-shirt and hat!


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 *See giveaway page for updated entry rules and good luck!

6 thoughts on “Family Matters Trivia Giveaway

  1. Thanks Rhonda for another great book. Was rereading all your books and what ever happened to the mysterious family member from Michelle’s past. Did I miss it? Keep up the good work.

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  2. What a beautiful love story! Logan and Megan are a great couple. I really hope they give TK the grand baby he wants. I love Austin and their mother Aurora. I can’t say enough about Jake I love that little boy. Thanks again Rhonda for another great book.

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