Family Matters (Book 3 in the All or Nothing Series) Excerpt

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Room Service

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              As if a prayer had been answered, Kendrick turned the corner.  He was holding a set of blueprints and looked as if he were surveying the lobby.

          “Kendrick.” Logan waved at him.

          “Hey Logan, what’s up?”

          “Nothing much. I didn’t know you’d be working today.”

          “You left last night before we could finish talking. Where did you sneak off to?”

          Logan ignored the question. “What are doing with those blueprints?”

          “We’re trying to run a few scenarios to work out some surveillance kinks. Sam won’t be satisfied until we can cover every inch of this place with cameras. How are you enjoying the accommodations?”

          “Everything’s excellent. Top notch. Nothing but the best from a Blake endeavor. Listen,” He rubbed his hands together, trying not to be rude and rush the conversation. Kendrick was one of his closest friends, after all. “I need your help. I’m trying to track down a hotel guest. I have to return something to her.”

          “Give it to me. I can return it.”

          “It’s personal.”  OK, it wasn’t lingerie but still he wanted to return the item himself. And settle some unfinished business.

          “You dog. You got lucky last night.” Kendrick gave him a sly grin. “She must be special. You normally express mail your dates any personal items they leave behind. What’s her name?”

           “Is that important?”

          “Yeah. If you want to know her room number.” Kendrick squinted at him. “Please tell me you know her name.”

          “Of course I know her name.”  Logan fired back.

          “That’s a relief.”

          “You know that’s funny coming from you. I do remember us cutting our vacation short in Cozumel because—”

          “Here we go. This again.” Kendrick shook his head.

          “We had to flee the island so you wouldn’t have to give that crazy chick you hooked up with your real name and cell phone number the next day. I think your moral high ground is about as high as a street curb.”

          “It was necessary. She had crazy written all over her.” Kendrick folded his arms across his chest.

          “I told you that before you hit on her at the bar.”

           “Yeah. You did.” Kendrick grinned. “The crazy ones are always hot.  But that’s nothing compared to the last stunt you pulled. I almost missed Deacon’s birth because you were handcuffed to some woman’s bed. It was sheer luck that you were able to butt dial me and I came to the rescue.”

          “Almost. What are you complaining about?  We made it to the hospital in time. Sam and J.J. named you the godfather. I think under the circumstances it all worked out well.”

          “I still have nightmares about seeing you naked.”

          “We can rehash our less than stellar escapades over a drink later. Right now I need some assistance.  Can you help me out or what?”

           “Who is it?”

           “It’s.” He cleared his throat. “Megan.”

          Kendrick gave him a blank look. “Megan who?”

           “Megan Shaw.” He covered his mouth with his hand. Anna Beth was several feet away but he could swear she was staring at them and reading their lips. “Channing’s sister-in-law.”

           “You poor, dumb dog.” Kendrick recoiled in horror. “Do you want anything in particular on your headstone? Because the Blakes are going to kill you by the time the weekend’s over.”

           “Hey we’re consenting adults and it’s nobody’s business but ours.” Logan replied.

          “I can see why you’d take the chance. She’s—”

          “Spare me your assessment of Megan. I am aware of her hotness.” He said annoyed.

          “Ah. So this is different? It isn’t your usual rendezvous de jour?”

          “No. I didn’t say that.” He huffed. The conversation was getting away from him. He didn’t need his good friend Kendrick analyzing him right now. “I just really need her room number.”

          “OK.” Kendrick took out his cell phone and began tapping on the screen. “But you owe me big. I’m talking one of those fancy porterhouse steaks that T.K. won’t tell anyone where he gets them and a bottle of his private reserve bourbon.”

          “Whoa. I didn’t ask for government secrets.”

          “Sam will have my butt in a sling if she finds out I gave you Megan’s room number.”

           “You got it. Anything you want. Just keep this to yourself.”

           “She’s in room 903. Wait. She checked out early.” He kept scrolling the screen. “She left about an hour ago. I guess she couldn’t get out of here fast enough.”


           “She’s here on vacation for a few more weeks so she should have gone back to the Twelve Horseshoes.” Kendrick grinned. “I was going to drop by the ranch later on today. I could take—”

          “No.” Logan interrupted. “I’ve got it covered.” 

           “I bet you do.”

          “Kendrick. Buddy.” Logan put an arm around him. “I can count on you to keep this just between us. Right?”

          “Yeah, as long as I get my steak and bourbon.” Kendrick gave him a long look. “Whatever you need to return to her, is it worth the wrath of the entire Blake family?”

          He thought about it for a moment. “Yes. It is.”

           “Good luck.”

          “Thanks.” He turned to walk away.

          “Not so fast. When am I getting my bribe?”

           “I’ll drop by T.K.’s house this weekend.”

          Logan walked over to the elevator, got in and pushed the button for his floor. It shouldn’t take too much time to pack his things and then he’d head to the Twelve Horseshoes. He never needed a reason to be on the property and hopefully he wouldn’t need one today. Like Kendrick said, he didn’t chase women. But he’d never been on the receiving end of one of those ‘I had a great time, see you when I see you’ notes before and for some reason it was bothering him.


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Logan & Megan’s love story begins!   I hope you enjoyed the pre-edited excerpt! Find out what they’ve been up to at the Blake Hotel! Release date June 23rd!

In case you missed it!

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  2. Just read everything so far on Logan and Megan.Including checking out their playlist.I think a good addition to their playlist: “Love Will Find A Way” by Lionel Richie . The words of the song so fit them.

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    • Hi Natalie,

      C.J. is Channing. I changed it on the excerpt in case people forgot. Logan has known the Blakes all his life, so he calls him C.J. (Channing Jacob) I think Teri-Lyn is the only person who calls him by that name.


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