Character Profile: Megan Shaw (All or Nothing Series)


      Megan, a buyer for a department store, was looking for Mr. Right Now.  She wasn’t all that interested in finding a husband so much as having fun.

    – Leap of Faith

Name:                             Megan Shaw

Occupation:               Department Store Buyer

Marital Status:          Single                                       



         When I decided to visit my sister Cassie and her family in Texas for my vacation, I didn’t know how animated the house would be. I don’t know how she does it being a mom to three precocious triplets and an attorney.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my nephews but I need a full spa treatment after spending the day with them. She says it helps that she has a great partner. My brother-in-law Channing is the best and he’s gorgeous to boot.  

          Cassie and I have never had much in common but I’m hoping to change that. She’s always been Chatty Cassie who loved to get me into trouble with our parents, and I was Meddling Megan, the big sister who hated looking after the brainy little brat. But things have changed. We’re in a place now where sisterly tolerance has the potential to turn into real friendship without the growing pains and sibling rivalry wedged in between.

          We’ve gone horseback riding, done some gardening and shopping. It’s all been nice but I was looking for a little more excitement. Like playing poker with the guys. There’s nothing like a glass of premium scotch, a good cigar and a full house, aces over kings to get the adrenaline pumping. Cassie says they let me win but I don’t think so. 

          I think my mom is hoping being around Cassie’s domestic bliss will rub off on me. She doesn’t understand that I’m not wired that way. Love may come easy to some but for me, it never seems to come my way at all. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t considered it. I haven’t met the one and I won’t settle for less than perfection. What’s wrong with being picky?  

          I made my debut in Leap of Faith when Cassie and Channing came home for a visit. I have my story coming up, Family Matters. It’s been a pretty tame visit but Cassie says she’s taking me to the Bright Star and I’ve been invited to the grand opening of the Blake Hotel in Dallas. Maybe I’ll find something fun to occupy my time while I check out the Blake family’s latest business venture…

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