Character Profile: Logan Holbrook (All or Nothing Series)


      Women loved the roguish team owner with the complicated relationship with his filthy rich, old-money Texas daddy. 

    – Hard Target

Name:                             Logan Holbrook

Occupation:               Team Owner

Marital Status:          Single                                       


          Football has always been a big part of my life.  My mama says when I came out of the womb my dad T.K. yelled, “Touchdown!” When T.K. decided to share ownership of the Tomcats with the Blake family, I knew it would be a good decision. He’d still have his beloved team and get to work with Seth. For years he wanted Seth as the quarterback for his team and maybe as a son too.  Football was never in my blood like J.J. and Seth. My brother Austin and I preferred to pursue things that would get us away from the old man.  

          For years I despised T.K.’s love for the game. He championed the team and turned them into media darlings even though they lost more games than they won. Nothing was more important than his beloved Tomcats and our family paid the price for it. Despite our differences I took over when he stepped down. I took the olive branch, surprised that he’d extend it to me. It gives me hope that maybe some day we can be in the same room and not want to throttle each other.

          Mama says we don’t get along because we’re just alike. She says in addition to his good looks, business savvy and pigheadedness, I’ve also inherited his penchant for not keeping a woman around for long. I’ve learned a lot from T.K.’s five marriages. Only a crazy person would put themselves through the torture of falling in love for it to end in divorce and a depleted bank account.  Dating around makes it easier not to get too attached.  Seth says he can make a great case for marriage and a family. I told him love and happiness was a Blake thing. We Holbrooks are too self destructive for happily ever after.

          I’ve been in the background of the Blake world for a while but I made my debut in Begin Again when an emergency called me away from playing Santa at the stadium. I have my story coming up, Family Matters. You’ll get to see the Holbrooks in action as Austin and I deal with T.K.’s latest shenanigans. I’ve also been invited to the grand opening of the Blake Hotel in Dallas. I wonder if any hot women will be there…



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