The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 5/16/17 – Issue 38

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 All or Nothing Series

The Blake Boys Series

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 All or Nothing Series

The All or Nothing series got off to a great start with Riley’s story Hard Target and we finally got to see widower Alex find love again in the sleepy fictional town of Harper’s Grove in Second Chance at Love. Next up we explore the Holbrook family as Logan has a fun adventure as he stumbles towards love in Family Matters.

The series list (my ambitious attempt to keep my readers updated) has been revised! After careful consideration, I decided to change the order of some of the upcoming stories.

Book 1 – Hard Target – Riley’s Story

Book 2 – Second Chance at Love – Alex’s Story

Book 3 – Family Matters – Logan’s Story*

Book 4 – Love at Last – Kendrick’s Story*

Book 5 – Covert Affairs – Trevor’s Story*

Book 6 – Restless Heart – Austin’s Story

For those of you new to my stories, All or Nothing is a new companion series that is based on the supporting characters that have appeared in the Blake Boys series.


The Blake Boys Series

The first book of 2017 was Derek and Charisma’s latest adventure, Playing for Keeps (book 19). A lot has happened since Slap Shot and the couple showed they can hold their own when life gets even crazier. For you long time lovers and haters of the character Charisma, this is a full circle moment for one of my most notorious characters. She is a shadow of the person who first appeared in For the Love of the Game. She’s had lots of life lessons learned and some help and encouraging words from Grandma Reed. 

There is another book coming up in the Blake Boys series titled Homecoming (book 20), formally known as The Blake Destiny. The reason for the title change will become clear later on in the year as the release draws near. It will take the Blake family into a new direction as they open their hearts to the possibility of family that had long been thought gone forever. 

Any guesses as to what’s going to happen to rock the Blake family? Whatever it is, we know this family will rise to the occasion in true Blake fashion.

The 2017 Series News page has an updated chronological list for both series.


And of course!

For my print readers, Slap Shot is due to be released in the upcoming month. It’s in the final prep stages and I will be putting up a post soon about the availability on retailer websites. 

Logan & Megan’s playlist for the upcoming Family Matters is out. Feel free to send me a song suggestion to add! 

And there will be more character profiles, excerpts and Jake’s Chronicles coming soon! The Blake brood just keeps getting bigger as the family continues to grow. You know what that means. More adventures for Jake and his roving band of siblings and cousins.

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