Character Profile: Peyton Colfax (All or Nothing Series)



          Alex’s attention went back to the photograph. He got up and took a closer look at the signature on the bottom. P. Colfax. Looking at the picture certainly did have a soothing effect on him. Just like the fragrant scent of the woman who’d hit his car today.  It ignited his senses and stirred something in his soul.

    – Second Chance at Love

Name:                          Peyton Colfax

Occupation:              Art Teacher/Painter/Photographer

Marital Status:         Single

Where I Live:            Harper’s Grove, CA                                      


          It seems like it was just yesterday when I came to Harper’s Grove to stay with a friend after a bad breakup. There’s something about this place that makes you want to stay once you arrive. It’s a quaint, scenic town filled with interesting people and perfect for an artist who’s looking for some inspiration. But I have to admit, I haven’t been inspired by much lately. 

          The community is close-knit and everyone is involved in well, everyone else’s business. The latest buzz has been about Alex, the new doctor that moved to town with his two kids. Our first encounter left a lot to be desired. Talk about making an awful first impression. So what if he’s a gorgeous, successful cardiologist who’s a great dad. The ladies around town may fall for his good looks and charm but I think he’s full of himself. And to make matters worse, we keep running into each other.

          I’ll be making my debut in Second Chance at Love. I’ve hit a few bumps in the road but I’m teaching now while I work on my craft. I hadn’t picked up a paint brush in months before the good doctor arrived. There’s something about those intense blue eyes and cocky attitude that makes me want to…take my frustration out on the canvas. It’s better than taking aim at his head with a paint brush.                 

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