New Release: Playing for Keeps (The Blake Boys #19)

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In the game of love, you have to play for keeps.

Life was going perfectly for hockey player Derek Popovich, and then he went and jinxed it all. His team just won the championship. He’s living with Charisma, the woman of his dreams. And to make things even sweeter, they’re having a baby! Only Charisma refuses to marry him. No matter how many times he asks, she’s certain being his wife will curse their happiness and ruin everything for them both. As the clock winds down to the baby’s birth, he has to figure out a way to change her mind and give her the happily ever after she deserves.

Charisma Reed has never felt so loved, happy, and secure—and now she’s found out she’s pregnant! Only her mom can’t stand the man she loves. And even though she’s excited about being a mom, she’s terrified of what it will mean for her and Derek. She loves him, but she’s afraid he only wants to marry her because of the baby. Her family thinks she’s nuts for turning him down, but she doesn’t want the next step in their relationship to be based off obligation. Charisma has to figure out what’s keeping her from the life she’s always wanted, even as Derek ramps up his plans to get her to say yes. But while he’s on the road, a photo of Derek and a scheming hockey bunny makes the salacious news cycle and fuels Charisma’s doubts that they were really meant to be…


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4 thoughts on “New Release: Playing for Keeps (The Blake Boys #19)

  1. I loved this book! Beginning this series I had no clue how you’d redeem and Charisma or her branch of the family and now I have to say Charisma’s relationship and story is one of my favorites. Love her and Derek.

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    • Hi Skye! So happy you’ve enjoyed Charisma’s journey. She’s been one of my most challenging and rewarding characters to write. I am glad, after her rocky start, readers have an appreciation for her complex nature.


  2. Great book Rhonda, you definitely caught our attention right out of the gate with the baby news. Also I love the relationship Derek have with Grandma Reed it’s very touching. It reminds me how much my grandmother use to be with my husband, it makes me miss her even more.

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