Character Profile: Alex Popovich (All or Nothing Series)


      “I don’t think Rachel would want you to be alone forever. I’m not saying any time soon or that you should entertain one of the casserole queens. I know you’re still healing. When the day does arrive that you want companionship, try not to feel guilty about it.”

    – Derek, Slap Shot

Name:                             Dr. Alex Popovich

Occupation:               Cardiothoracic Surgeon

Marital Status:          Widower

Children:                     Noah & Chloe                                         


          It seems like it was just yesterday that my little brother Derek was partying all the time and chasing women. Now look at him. He’s in a great relationship with a wonderful woman. Meeting Charisma changed his life and I’ve never seen him happier. It’s only a matter of time before they make it official. The same cannot be said for my other siblings. Sienna is off in her own world and Theo hasn’t found anyone he loves more than himself.

          Love has a way of changing a man. I know from experience. Not so long ago I had the perfect marriage and when my wife died it took all the energy I had to keep going for the kids. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t think about Rachel. I thought we had the rest of our lives to see our plans and dreams come to fruition but it all came to an end too quickly.  

          My family seems to think I’m lonely. I swear, all they do is worry about me. I had to put my foot down about one of them coming to live with us after Rachel died. It was a lovely gesture but it was important for me and the kids to grieve and move on in our own time. We’ve had some setbacks but we’ve also made tremendous progress. We’re now in a place where it hurts a little less than it did yesterday. That’s all I can ask for and am grateful for that.

          I make jokes about the surgeon who can’t heal his own broken heart, but the family doesn’t find it funny. I know they mean well but focusing on my career and the kids is what’s best for me now. Noah and Chloe bring joy to my life and each time I look at them I see glimpses of Rachel.  I’m not ready to start dating, despite being referred to as ‘single ladies’ catnip’ in my circle of friends. Besides, only the heart truly knows when it’s ready to beat again.

          I made my debut in Slap Shot when Derek came to Portland for a visit. You’ll be seeing me again in Playing for Keeps as Derek and Charisma’s love adventure continues. Then I’ll have a story of my own in Second Chance at Love. It’s time for a new chapter with the kids. I’ve been thinking about a change of scenery. But finding love again is not part of the plan.

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