Derek’s Sports Now Interview – (The Blake Boys Series)

In this interview we’re talking future plans, team members, his exclusive bar the Slap Shot and how finding love has changed his perspective on the world.


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Playing for Keeps, Derek and Charisma’s continued adventure will be released February 24th!

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Rhonda Laurel is a multi published contemporary romance author known most notably for the Blake Boys series.

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  1. Derek, now you have love in your life & world, what’s changed?I mean, how is Derek Popovich this new man before us,and is his life different compared to the old you?

    Are you content? Are you ready for that next step whatever it may be?

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  2. Derek,

    When I say the word “championship” what is the first thought that comes into your mind?

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  3. Derek do u c marriage in your future with charisma and kids

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  4. Are your brothers coming to visit and you help them meet some nice girls

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  5. Kristina Miller

    Derek, what’s something that helps to keep you focused during the championship run? Also, being in a committed relationship can be difficult with all the traveling involved in the hockey season; what helps you in Charisma stay on the same page?

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  6. Have you considered opening more restaurants?
    Are you thinking of retirement.
    Do you have any future marriage plans to

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