The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 1/1/17 – Issue 37

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 All or Nothing Series

The Blake Boys Series

Hollywood Heat Series


And of Course!


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Happy New Year Everyone!

 All or Nothing Series

The Blake World expands this year with the new companion series, All or Nothing!  The Blakes’ friends and family set out to find love of their own. First up is the newly released Hard Target. Riley and Parker have been at each other’s throats since Worth the Wait (The Blake Boys book 16). Now their love story is playing out in the new series.  I hope everyone is enjoying their chemistry, it’s been a blast getting those two together.  

For those of you new to my stories, All or Nothing is a new series that is based on the supporting characters in the Blake Boys series. And there is more to come for 2017.  In case you missed it, check out:

2017 Series News

The Blake Boys Series

The Blake Boys series will have a few more books this year, starting with Derek and Charisma’s next book, Playing for Keeps (book 19).  We’ll find out what the gorgeous hockey player and the feisty Ms. Reed have been up to since they found their way to each other in Slap Shot (book 14).  The next upcoming book in the Blake Boys series, The Blake Destiny (book 20), is a bit of a mystery but we’ll get into that as the year progresses.  The 2017 Series News page has an updated chronological list for both series.


Hollywood Heat Series

Kate and Chris fans, the Hollywood Heat series will get another book this year. We brought back the action packed Tinsel Town duo in Double Exposure and will we continue to unravel the mysteries that set a new course for the couple in the upcoming Vendetta Inc.  This series is my labor of love and not as visible, so I apologize for the sporadic releases.  But we will see Kate, Chris and company again this year!

New to the series?  Check out the Hollywood Heat Series page.



I revised the guidelines for giveaways some time ago but I would like to share them with everyone again. When giveaway winners are announced, the winner has 14 days to respond to the notification e-mail.  If I do not get a response, I select a new winner.  Also, all giveaway merchandise is typically mailed within 30 days unless something needs to be ordered or changed.

For more information, check out the Giveaways page for details.


And of course!

The Blake World is always expanding with new characters and story lines and it’s been a blast plotting where they’ll go next.  My goal is always to provide a heart warming, fun and entertaining read for long time and new readers alike.  

For my print anthology readers, I do not have a date for The Blake Boys Collection V, but I will post the information as soon as I can.  The last collection took a bit longer than anticipated, so I don’t want to announce anything until I am very sure of the release time frame. 

Playlists suggestions are always welcome!  Post a song suggestion on the page of your favorite couple’s playlist or the Mood Music/Playlists page and I will add it!  More character profiles, excerpts and Jake’s Chronicles coming soon!

There are lots of new things in store for 2017 and 2018, so stay tuned!

Happy Reading,


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5 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 1/1/17 – Issue 37

  1. Rhonda this was a good book. Riley and Parker are a great couple. Is it possible for Seth and Morgan to have another baby if you decide please give them another girl. Miss Mackenzie need to be a big sister.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Millie, It’s always interesting to find someone who want Seth and Blake to have #5. And possibly another girl. I never say never when it comes to story lines but I think it’s great readers think they can handle another one. Lol.


  2. So glad you are still giving us these wonderful Blake’s books. I hope Seth & Morgan have a book release soon, I love them & their clan. I also love how you keep the books coming & not make us wait 8/9 months for a new release. Keep up the great work & keep them coming. Happy New Year!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Natalie, Happy New Year to you too! I’m glad that readers like the Blake clan! Seth and Morgan are my staple couple and it’s nice to see their family grow and have little personalities of their own. I like being able to provide readers with reading material often. It keeps the flow of the series at a good pace as I continue to world build. Still lots to come after this year! 🙂


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