Riley’s Sports Now Interview – Part 2 (All or Nothing Series)


Sports Now:  “Riley, thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to sit down with us.”

Riley Sloane: “It’s a pleasure to be here.”


SN1: “On to the hot topic of the hour.  Are you feeling pumped up after a pretty good season? The Tomcats are headed to the playoffs.”

RS: “I feel great.  It’s been a long road and hard work this season.”


SN2: “How does it feel to have led the Tomcats this far?  This beloved team hasn’t seen such a winning streak in some time.”

RS: “It’s surreal how we’ve done a complete one-eighty. The Blakes becoming owners, getting new coaches and a few new players was the perfect storm the team needed to get focused and become champions again.”


SN3: “Do you get along with your teammates?  There had been talk that there was friction on the team.”

RS: “Like any team, we have our disagreements.  We play together, we party together.  It’s hard to be around each other so much and there not be personality conflicts but we let it go when it’s time to get down to work.”


SN4: “So you do get along with Keenen?”

RS:  “I don’t know where that rumor got started.  Keenen and I hung out the other night. He’s a great running back and a credit to the team.  When we butt heads it’s never for long.”


SN5: “How do you feel about Seth Blake being your new boss?”

(Thanks Anna!)

RS: “It’s been great working with Seth.  There was an adjustment period but we are on good terms and I consider him a good friend.”


SN6: “That’s surprising, knowing you talked much smack about breaking his records. There was a firestorm of commentary when you made those claims.  Some people said you needed to do some more character building before it damaged your image. What are you planning to do to improve yours?”

(Thanks Clarissa!)

RS: “I admit, in the beginning of my career I was very vocal and egotistical about wanting to bury his records.  He’s Seth Blake, that’s the guy you want to emulate.  But I know now that talking out of turn came across as more aggressive and immature than I initially intended. It was an issue of respect and I’ve since apologized to him for that behavior.”


SN7: “Did his family buying into the franchise have anything to do with the change of attitude?”

RS: “Seth and I had been paired together by T.K. long before the Blakes became part owners.  After spending time with the Blakes, I realized the error in the statements I made. He’s a living legend and there is a lot to learn from him as a football player and a human being.”


 SN8:  “Who do you think was the better quarterback?  Seth or J.J.”

(Thanks Renee!)

RS: “They both had different styles that would be difficult to compare.  It’s a hell of a feat for J.J. to have accomplished as much as he did in his short career in football.  Seth had more time to cultivate his playing skills but they both had that natural instinct and leadership abilities that a quarterback must possess.”


SN9:   “Seth has a Patton.   Who is your Patton?”

(Thanks Renee!)

RS: “My buddy Wade and I have a great relationship on the field and off.  He’s a great wide receiver and an even better friend.”       


SN10: “What qualities do you look for in a woman?”

(Thanks Renee!)

RS: “Ah. I like women who are smart, independent and aren’t afraid to be themselves.  I want someone to be who they are, not who they think I want them to be.”


SN11: “Aside winning the Super Bowl, making a name for yourself via product placements, where you do you really see yourself by retirement age? Do you have dreams to achieve beyond football? Any true goals to complete not sports related?”

(Thanks Kelley!)

RS: “Good question. Playing a lot of golf and maybe a career that allows me to stay within the league.  But seriously, for as long as I could remember, being a football player was my ultimate dream. So much so, I never thought of being something else after my glory days are behind me. But while I’m striving to reach my goal of being one of the greatest that ever played, I’m exploring other aspects of who I am when I’m not playing the game.” 


SN12:  “Tell us something that no one knows about you.”

(Thanks Renee!)

RS:  “I know five different ways to cook an egg.”



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