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When true love is on the line, it’s All or Nothing.

The Blake world is expanding next year with the new companion series,  All or Nothing! Follow the lives of the Blakes’ family and friends as they set out to find true love of their own!  The lineup is starting with Hard Target, Riley and Parker’s upcoming story that will be released on Friday, December 30th!

And no worries, the Blakes aren’t going anywhere!  The family you’ve come to know and love will still pop up every now and again in the All or Nothing series. There will also be a Blake Boys book or two, including Derek and Charisma’s next story. There will be plenty of Blake favorites returning as well as new characters coming onto the canvas.  


2017 Lineup in the All or Nothing Series


Riley – Book 1

Tomcats quarterback Riley Sloane and Parker Carson have been at odds since the first day they met but now they have to work together while resisting their smoldering attraction.


Widower Alex Popovich continues to piece his life together when a new opportunity arrives that may help him mend his broken heart.


Coming home for a visit just got more complicated for Trevor as he juggles his secret life while reconnecting with the past.


Tomcats owner Logan has evaded love long enough but it may be time for a change.


The security specialist for the Blake family has finally met his match when he meets the one woman he can’t resist.


Rogue son Austin Holbrook may be running away from lot of things but he can’t run from love forever.


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2017 Blake Boys Lineup


Derek and Charisma’s love story continues as they face new challenges and a few new surprises that will change their lives forever.

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I hope you enjoyed getting to know the supporting characters who will be coming into their own next year. The Jake Chronicles, character profiles and playlists will continue!

Happy Reading and Happy Holidays,


12 thoughts on “New Series Announcement

  1. I’m a fan of the Blake and Hollywood Heat Series. Just completed Double Exposure. Glad to see u have plans for this upcoming. Hope ur New Year is filled Love, Peace, Blakes & Cavanaugh’s! Hoping Kate & Chris will have a child of their own.

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    • Hi Vanessa, always nice to meet a reader who enjoys my less visible Hollywood Heat series. I hope you have a wonderful New Year and we’ll being seeing plenty of the Blake World and something new from Chris & Kate.


  2. This will be a very interesting line up for 2017. I can’t wait to read, but I’m interested in the women you are going to attach to these men. Also I don’t see Annabeth brother Kyle in the lineup.

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  3. Thank you, Rhonda! Great news!! really enjoy reading about the Blakes & Reeds looking toward to reading about their friends and extended family!!! Happy Holiday Season & New Year 2017 to you and your reading family!!

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  4. Merry Christmas Rhonda! This was a great year you put out some outstanding books. Keep writing and I will keep buying and reading your awesome books. Looking forward to the new year. May yours be filled with love, peace and joy. Bring it on All are Nothing!

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