Riley’s Sports Now Interview – (All or Nothing Series)

Superstar quarterback Riley Sloane’s career is just taking off and he’s determined to make a name for himself with the Tomcats.

In this interview we’re talking future plans, wild lifestyle, team members and his relationship with Tomcats owner Seth Blake.


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Hard Target, Riley and Parker’s adventure will be released December 30th!

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4 thoughts on “Riley’s Sports Now Interview – (All or Nothing Series)

  1. Question for Riley: Aside winning the Superbowl, making a name for yourself via product placements, where you do you really see yourself by retirement age? Do you have dreams to achieve beyond football? Any true goals to complete not sports related?

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  2. Who do you think was the better quarterback? Seth or JJ
    What qualities do you look for in a woman?
    Seth has a Patton. Who is your Patton?
    Tell us something that no one knows about you. R

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  3. Riley how does it feel to be working with the greatest? And knowing you talked much smack about breaking his records, well young man there are records then there are characters that are part of you that people see yours need improving what are you planning to do to improve yours?

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