Character Profile: Riley Sloane (The Blake Boys Series) – Updated

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            “Don’t worry pops.”  Riley grinned.  “My mission in life is to be better than you in every way.”

           Seth laughed.  “Good luck kid.  But there’s only one Seth Blake.”

    – Riley & Seth  – Off Season

Name:                          Riley Sloane

Occupation:            Quarterback

                                       Texas Tomcats     


        When I joined the Tomcats it was a dream come true.  The team has been struggling the last few years but I’m determined to make them a household name again.  It’s tough being the new guy but when you’re as talented and highly paid as I am, you’re going to get some haters.   And most of them are my teammates. 

        I’m focused and I know what I need to do.  That’s why I don’t understand the owner T.K.’s decision to have me talk to Seth Blake. He’s a legend and all but he’s the past and I’m the future.  Sure, I party a lot and have a habit of saying all the wrong things to the media, but hey, it comes with the territory when you’re a hot commodity like me.  

        I’ll be making my debut in Off Season.  I don’t want a mentor but looks like I’m stuck with one.  T.K. may be teaching me a lesson for trashing Blake in an interview.  Either way, it looks like T.K. is taking Blake’s advice very seriously.  So I guess I have to play nice.

Update November 2016:  

So much has changed since meeting the Blakes.  Seth and his family are now part owners of the team.  He’s been mentoring me and I have to admit that he’s given me some good advice.  He still keeps an eye on me to make sure I don’t screw up, but I don’t mind.  It’s his job and besides, we’re sort of friends when he’s not bossing me around.

My life has gotten complicated recently and I hope to remedy that soon.  Too bad it involves getting help from Parker Carson.  I’ve never met such a stubborn, maddening woman in my life.   So what if she’s beautiful and smart, she’s also crazy. That woman lives to terrorize me.  But I know just the trick to throw her off her game…

I made my debut in Off Season. I stirred up some trouble in Worth the Wait.  Parker and I finally go toe to toe in Hard Target.  Winner takes all.

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14 thoughts on “Character Profile: Riley Sloane (The Blake Boys Series) – Updated

  1. Please don’t put Riley with Emma!! He needs a strong beautiful black woman who can show him a different way of thinking and living. Please Rhonda work your magic.

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  2. Seth is gonna have his hands full with this one. Why do I get the feel John Jacob is going to remind Seth Riley is a younger, past version of him. And I can see Seth shaking his head at the fact he’s now the old man teacher the young,stubborn think he know it all. I wonder who you have for him. He needs a quiet, plain and simple but beautiful black woman to make him see it’s not all about him. Since everyone is in Texas,there’s gotta be a teacher of Jake’s, Curly,The twins,or Jack that could tame him like Morgan worked on Seth and how all the Blake women tamed those wild and crazy Blake men. I can’t wait to read Off Season.

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  3. I’m looking forward to reading about how Seth will school this young man. Rhonda who are you going to match him with? I can’t wait to meet the woman who will tame Riley Sloane!

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  4. Oh little boy I can’t wait to see how hard you fall, so where did you get your manners from the Lamont Bayers school of Etiquette Last we heard of him he was eating a BIG dose od humble pie. Now I know why EE Cummings said youth was wasted on the young.

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  5. If you’re dumb enough to NOT listen to a 4 time winning Super Bowl champ you get what you deserve. Shape up or the league will ship you out. Ask Johnny football

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