Character Profile: Parker Carson (The Blake Boys Series) – Updated


       “Parker looks for trouble.  She deserves that stern talking to that J.J.’s giving her with both barrels.  It was long overdue.”

    – Sam, Off Season

Name:                          Parker Carson

Occupation:               Private Investigator                                      



        I don’t understand why my family makes such a big deal about my job.  The law is in my blood.  My dad was a legendary lawman and I’m just following in his footsteps like my big sister Sam.  Danger comes with the territory but that doesn’t stop everyone in my family from voicing their opinions about my safety. I’ve hit a few rough patches the past few months but I’m sure things will blow over soon. 

      Lately I’ve been feeling…restless.  I don’t know, I feel like I need a change.  My mom says I’m an action junkie but I’m not.  I just get a little carried away when I delve into an assignment. Sam didn’t get all this flak when she was a cop.  She was a trailblazer and didn’t let anyone impede her from doing her job the way she wanted.  Now that she’s married to my brother-in-law J.J. and has two kids, she’s calmed down considerably. She’s still quite the bad ass at Regency Private Security Group but there are less bullets flying and fist fights these days.  She loves married life but I can’t see that happening for me any time soon.  I don’t have time for romance.  I keep crazy hours and I like my freedom.

       I’ve been spending a lot of time on the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch with the Blakes.  You can’t throw a rock without hitting a hunky cowboy of any age.  My sister is a lucky woman.  J.J.’s handsome, smart, athletic and has a good sense of humor.  No, really.  He’s funny when he’s not doing that brooding, lecturing thing.  He used to be wound really tight but Sam has changed all that.  He really loves Sam and the kids and has become a big part of the Carson extended family as well.

        You may have heard J.J. reading me the riot act in Off Season.  I could do without the safety speeches but he’s an awesome brother-in-law. I know he’s just looking out for me.  But then again, he is Sam’s husband.  She’s been preaching to me my whole life.  I’ll be making my debut in Worth the Wait when Avery and I have a few adventures of our own.  The Blakes and Reeds are good people and they’ve welcomed me with open arms.

Update November 2016:

A lot has changed since I switched careers and my residence.  Living with Avery is a blast.  I couldn’t ask for a better friend.  The family has even given me some space about this career thing but I’m happy being a private investigator.  Too bad my sister Sam is always watching over me.  Life would be perfect if I didn’t live in the same building as Riley Sloane.  

Unfortunately, I will be seeing much more of him.  Sam and Seth asked for my help with a situation he’s involved in and I couldn’t say no.  Not a surprise that trouble has come knocking at his door.  I swear, if he weren’t a valuable asset to the Blakes, I’d leave him high and dry.  But that’s not the Carson way. Success on the field has only fueled that massive ego of his.  I have to be honest, I like taking jabs at him but he seems to enjoy it.  I think he’s a masochist or something.  Avery says we fight because we’re fighting our attraction to each other.  I beg to differ.  Riley Sloane and I are like two worlds on a collision course.

You got to know me in Worth the Wait.  Next up is my story, Hard Target, with Riley.  That arrogant quarterback doesn’t stand a chance against me.

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  1. I could see her with Corbett.He seems like more of a rational person. Trevor could be a good mentor. I see Trevor involved with a politician type.

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