The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 7/30/16 – Issue 36

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The Blake Boys Series

Hollywood Heat Series

And of Course!


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The Blake Boys Series

Leap of Faith, Channing and Cassidy’s continued story, will be released September 20th!  Life has been pretty good for the married couple and now it’s time for a new chapter in their lives.  Leap of Faith will be book 17 in the Blake Boys series.  And we still have Corbett’s story, Begin Again, later this year as well.

I hope everyone is enjoying Wyatt and Avery’s story Worth the Wait.  Avery made her debut in The Blake Legacy (book 3) as a pre-teen and has been part of the Blake universe ever since. She’s all grown up and ready for the new challenges that await her.

Hollywood Heat Series

Double Exposure, the latest installment in the Hollywood Heat series, will be released August 20th! Chris and Kate are back for more adventures as they navigate the shark infested waters of Tinsel Town.  The same cast of characters will be back as I steer the series in a new direction. This book will be shorter but it’s also setting up for the next book, which will center around Kate’s cousin Billie and her partners in crime, Scar and Athena.

And of course!

The Blake Boys series is always expanding with new characters and story lines and it’s been a blast plotting where they’ll go next.  (Hint: the latest couple to be added to the 2017 roster appeared in Worth the Wait.  Wink. Wink.) My goal is always to provide a heart warming, entertaining read for long time and new readers alike.  2017 is shaping up to be a busy time for the Blake universe. More information to come later in the year.

The print date for The Blake Boys Collection IV was slated for July but it has been pushed out again.  I love my loyal print readers and will do my best to get it out as soon as possible.  I’m juggling a lot these days but I haven’t forgotten about the print anthologies.  August is the current target release month.

Playlists suggestions are always welcome!  Post a song suggestion on the page of your favorite couple’s playlist or the Mood Music/Playlists page and I will add it!  More character profiles and Jake’s Chronicles coming soon!

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  1. Just finished Worth The Wait. Awesome and well worth the wait!!! What a sweet love story. I am such a huge fan of the Blake series. I never get tired of reading about them and you have never disappointed. Looking forward to the next installment. Thank you!

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