Worth the Wait Trivia Giveaway

*Congrats to Kristina & Doris!*

 *Thanks to everyone who entered!*

 Answer the questions below for a chance to win!

 2 Winners will be chosen 8/23!


Grand Prize

 Cowboy hat, Cowboy boot shot glasses, bandana and bracelet!

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9 thoughts on “Worth the Wait Trivia Giveaway

  1. Ms. Laurel you’ve done it again.!Thanks for a great book. Can’t wait for the next Blake adventure. I have a song for Wyatt and Avery, “Just Right for Me” by Monica.

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  2. Another great book. Truly enjoyed reading Worth the Wait! Enjoyed reading about a young couple willing to take the time with their relationship! Avery’s reminding me of her aunt Morgan the more I get to know her. Not wanting to give anything away I’ll wait until everyone’s had a chance to read their copy!! Lots to discuss from this book!

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