Poll: Name that Character Zodiac Sign

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Which astrological signs do you think are a good fit for the characters in the Blake Boys series?

Who’s the overachiever Aries?

The stubborn Taurus?  

The cerebral Gemini?

The caring Cancer?

The prideful Leo?

The accommodating Virgo?

The bossy Libra?  

The seductive Scorpio?

The restless Sagittarius? 

The goal oriented Capricorn?

The idealistic Aquarius?

The Chatty Pisces?


Sound familiar?  Which sign resonates with your favorite characters?  Leave a comment below and tells us why!  


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4 thoughts on “Poll: Name that Character Zodiac Sign

  1. Derek, Seth and Jared are Capricorns all 3 are goal oriented.
    Summer and Autumn are Aquarius both seem very much like romantics at heart.
    Michelle and Nina are definitely Pisces they both seem to love to talk and keep Morgan in the loop.
    Avery is definitely a Taurus she as a serious stubborn streak.
    Morgan and Bo are the Geminis of the family (adorable nerds)
    Channing and Teri Lynn are the Cancers very good care givers.
    Tate and John Jacob are Leo’s men with pride to the bone.
    Bo Sr. And Corbett are Virgos very accomadating men.
    JJ and Wyatt are the families bossy head strong Libras
    Charisma and Tyler are the Scorpios both have sexy down to a science.
    Parker and Sam are the Sagittariius the are restless daily and driven to find adventure.

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  2. Seth is a Aries, JohnJacob is a Taurus, Channing is a Gemini, Terri Lynn is a Cancer,Isabelle is a Virgo, JJ is a Libra, Cassidy is a Leo, Charisma is a Scorpio, Wyatt and Tyler are Sagittarius, Sam and Avery are Capricorns, Bo is Aquarius, Michelle and Nina are Pisces, Morgan is a Gemini

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  3. I think Avery is a virgo, I think morgan could be a Virgo or perhaps a Capricorn. Tyler is a sagittarius as well as the twins. Jake is an Aquarius. Teri Lynn is a cancer sign like me. Seth could be a Capricorn also. Michelle could be Pisces or perhaps an Aries. I can see Sam and Charisma as a Scorpio for some reason. I am still thinking on Tate, isabelle, changing as cassidy.

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