New Playlist (Patton & Nina)!

The Patton & Nina playlist is up!


This staple supporting couple has been around since Seth and Morgan’s fated meeting!  They’ve grown with the series and they dance to their own tune!  Leave a song suggestion so we can build up their reader inspired playlist!  

Patton & Nina’s Spotify Playlist Link 


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 *All playlists are available on Spotify.*

Thank you Vicki for the suggestion!

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Rhonda Laurel is a multi published contemporary romance author known most notably for the Blake Boys series.

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  1. Kim Pendlleton


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  2. Cheerleader by Omi

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  3. Ash ford and Simpson. Is It Still Good To Ya and Solid

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  4. Barbara Payton

    Heaven Bound by Rufus and Chaka Khan

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  5. Landlord by Gladys Knight


  6. Adore by Prince

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