New Release: Off Season (The Blake Boys #15)

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The game may have ended but a new journey begins.

Retired quarterback Seth Blake is looking forward to the next chapter in his life with Morgan and the kids on the Twelve Horseshoes ranch. But when the owner of the Texas Tomcats and an old family friend asks him to have a chat with Riley Sloane, his troubled star quarterback, Seth is reluctant to get back into the game and the celebrity that comes with it. Riley is arrogant and a wildcard, but Seth can’t help but see a little of himself in the budding superstar—even if the two of them can’t stop butting heads long enough for Seth to keep his promise. Even worse, a family crisis quickly forces him to put the brakes on his future to be there for those he loves.

While Morgan Blake is happy that the family has settled into ranch living, part of her misses the hustle and bustle of her old life in Philadelphia. As she tries to get her footing again and oversee the expansion of another bookstore, an unforeseen crisis arises that threatens everything. As she struggles to deal with the changes in her life, she fears Seth will put his career plans on hold indefinitely to be there for the family. She’s desperate to find a way to keep Seth from putting off a new career opportunity, even as her world begins to crumble around her…


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13 thoughts on “New Release: Off Season (The Blake Boys #15)

  1. This book really touched me. I have lived with lupus for 26 years and I saw myself in this one. I love this whole series and look forward to more~~

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  2. Rhonda thank you for an outstanding book!! I was up all night long reading this book. You made me love Seth even more. Morgan is one strong and kind woman. Seth and Morgan are a solid couple.Together they are humble, loving and committed to each other and their family.

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  3. I was able to purchase last night on the 13th and read it in bed in one sitting. It was so bittersweet.
    It was such a great read, Miss Laurel. Seth and Morgan are my favorite Blake Boys couple, with Tate and Isabelle second,Channing and Cassidy third, JJ and Sam fourth, Avery and Wyatt fifth, and Charisma and Derek sixth. Five stars for this book. I can’t wait until the next book. Great series.


    • Hi Kelley!

      I had to edit your full response to avoid spoilers for other readers but I was really touched by your summation. Seth and Morgan are a joy to write because there’s always room to explore and digger deeper with my flagship couple. I am so happy you enjoyed the story and I save your full summation. 🙂


  4. Got up early and bought Off Season, paused in my reading to leave a comment. This book is a great reward after a stress-filled week. I love that there is a book that will flesh out the lives of my favorite couple even more.

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