The Rabbit Hole Chronicles 4/2/16 – Issue 35

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The Blake Boys Series

Story Bridges


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The Blake Boys Series

Slap Shot gave us more character depth of Charisma and her branch of the Reed family tree as she set out to change her ways and find love with hockey player Derek.  Thank you to everyone who inspired me to write Charisma’s story!  It was a challenge that I enjoyed and I am happy to say there are a few more Charisma fans in the world.

Seth, Morgan and their brood will be back May 27th in Off Season as the couple’s story takes yet another interesting turn!  The planning of Grandma Reed’s birthday party began in Slap Shot, so there will be big party scene coming up. They’ve come a long way from that backyard barbecue in For the Love of the Game.  What will the Reeds do for entertainment now that Morgan and Charisma are no longer at each other’s throats?  Hmm…

Next up will be Wyatt and Avery’s story, Worth the Wait.  We finally get to see what those college kids are up to when they are away from the Twelve Horseshoes Ranch!  Expect lots of fun and adventures as the young couple readies to face adulthood and their feelings for each other while under the watchful eye of the Blake, Reed and Jamison clans.


2017 Blake Boys News

The Blake Boys series is already taking shape for 2017!  The  2017 Blake Boys News is under construction!  The Blake world will keep turning next year as new stories are told of old favorites and new characters on the canvas, like the Popovich brothers.  Check back periodically for updates!

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Story Bridges

Once a story line is created in the Blake Boys series, it takes on a life of its own. Sometimes its front and center, when the couple has their own story and sometimes it’s continuing in the background of another book.

John Jacob and Teri-Lyn’s story, Meet the Blakes was told in flashbacks as they were preparing for the double wedding of Tyler and Michelle and Channing and Cassidy.  So there was a lot of love and laughter going on at the ranch as the Blake parents prepared for another major family event.

This includes snippets like the Blake Family Vacations – Ski Trip and The Jake Chronicles.  There are always things developing when I write about this family and their friends, propelling the series forward until the next book releases.

So for the new comers to the series, the Blake Series Order is available. This series began in 2012 so there is a lot of history.

There are character profiles, family trees, Blake Boys Character Glossary and the Blake Boys World.   And of course there are the Blake Boys Book Travels, Book Scenes, Mood Music/Playlists and Crossword Puzzles.

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The Slap Shot Leave a Comment and Trivia giveaways are going on until April 18th! Winners will be announced April 19th!

The Blake Boys Collection III Print Anthology giveaway is going on until April 26th! The winner will be announced April 27th!

And of course!

I will post information about the print date for The Blake Boys Collection IV as soon as I get it.

New character profiles on the horizon: Alex, Anna Beth and Kendrick.  More profiles coming soon!

Playlists suggestions are always welcome!  Post a song suggestion on the page of your favorite couple’s playlist or the Mood Music/Playlists page and I will add it!  Derek and Charisma’s playlist has 67 songs, the largest playlist to date, followed by Seth and Morgan with 52.  Let’s start adding to that Seth & Morgan playlist!

Hollywood Heat Series

There is no new news on the Hollywood Heat front.  I love Kate and Chris and their crazy Hollywood world, and I want the third book to be complementary to their series.  So I will say it again, the third book is not gone or forgotten.  It will just take more time and I do appreciate the Hollywood Heat fans out there!


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