Pub News: Off Season Release Date

Off Season, Seth and Morgan’s next adventure, will be released on May 27th!  It’s the next phase for the first couple in the Blake Boys series as life after football, adorable kids and their move to Texas takes their lives in a new direction.  

Seth’s contemplating a new career but can anything surpass the passion he had for the game he loved?  Can Morgan find a new challenge for herself now that she’s so far away from her beloved bookstore and non-profit project Reading Builds Bridges?  As the Blake and Reed clans grow and change, the couple will weather the storm the best way they know how, as a family.

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  1. I can’t wait for my fave couple’s next chapter of their life. I’m re-reading mvp and final play and thought about all the blake grand kids and Avery. How old will the Blake grandkids will be in off season? And Avery, can you refresh my memory on how old she was when she made her first appearance in Seth’s and Morgan’s story? And how old will she be in off season And how old will she be by the time her and Wyatt have their story?

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    • Hi Kelley!
      Those are great questions! I can give you a ballpark timeline.
      In Off Season, Jake should be about 8-9, and twins Connor and Colby would be around 6-7. Matt and Jack will be starting school so they will be of school age….4-5. And Mackenzie hasn’t turned 2 yet.
      Avery and Wyatt on the other hand, have been in college for a couple of years now. Wyatt was already in college in Executive Desires, he just transferred. By the time Worth the Wait is released, she will be a junior and he will be a senior. Hope that helps!


  2. Haha! I was thinking ahead also felt I was neglecting my fav couple Seth & Morgan so here are a few additional songs for their playlist.

    Only You Can Love Me This Way by Keith Urban
    Good morning beautiful by Brad Paisley
    It’s your Love by Tim McGraw & Faith Hill

    We have to get their playlist up to Derek & Charisma’s

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  3. Hello, Ms. Laurel! I am a big fan of the Blake Boys Series and an even bigger fan of Seth and Morgan! I had a few song suggestions for the couple’s playlist for their upcoming book ‘Off Season’.. I heard these song and thought of them or a song made me think of Seth or Morgan and their decisions. 1. Love of my life Jim Brickman 2,Only Love-Wynonna Judd 3. She’ His only need- Wynonna Judd 4.Home-Stephanie Mills
    5.Back Down Memory Lane Minnie Ripperton 6.Right Here (By Your Side)-JC Chasez
    I loved the latest book and can’t believe I actually like Charisma now. She and Derek are a great fit. And I can’t wait until the new book in May! Thank you for a great series and for Seth and Morgan who started it all.

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  4. Looking forward to visiting with Seth, Morgan and their brood. Connor and Colby need their own slice-of-life entries like their big brother Jake to cover their latest rascally moments.
    When is the next entry on the ski-trip? You have so many threads that you are covering with this series; thanks for all of the thought and effort that you put in to it. You have spoiled your readers.

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